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(Jul 3rd, 2013)
Anthrocon = New Product, Trisk Novel, Game Design Panel -- where to start?!
      by Callista Skip

Hey! Hey everybody! HEY OVER HERE!

The Tail Kiss Studio team is leaving for Anthrocon on Thursday! And then we'll see all of you over the weekend! Eeee~!

"Why the heck are you so excited, Callista?" you may be wondering.

Well, gentle readers, it's because we're rocking the Strawberry Release in style.

Anthrocon -- Come and Get It!

First you gotta find us:

That's right, TWO tables!

Then comes the excitement over all the STUFF:

Decks, stat mats, dice packs, tournament sign-ups, posters, free collectable art cards, play mats...

"Wait, what was that?"

"And what are those?!"

Oh, I don't know -- how about some amazing art on an awesome 24"x14" play mat! We've picked out some of our favorite backgrounds for this first round of play mats, and we hope you like them too! You'll be able to pick one up for yourself at our table for only $35! These will be available on our ordering page after Anthrocon, so keep your eyes open.

We will definitely be interested in finding out what other art you all might be interested in seeing on future play mats, so please leave a comment or come by the table and let us know!

As for the posters and collectable art'll just have to come visit us to find out more. ::innocent look::

"But, wait, what's this about the Trisk Novel?"

Can I get a drumroll please?

Once upon a time, you took a chance on a new furry trading card game -- and then many of you also took a chance on a writer working on her first novel. It's been a long time in coming, but Triskelion's Reign is finally printed and waiting to be delivered to its rightful owners! A big hearty thanks to FurPlanet for their awesome layout and print job!

If you had pre-ordered the physical book and are coming to AC, please stop by and we'll hand over your copy! This list includes people who had pre-ordered the original Triskelion Box Sets between 2010 & 2011!

If you had pre-ordered the digital book, be prepared to check your email! The book is currently available in .MOBI and HTML formats, and will soon be available in .EPUB. I'll do a separate update when we officially send these out.

If you're unsure if you had pre-ordered it, feel free to come by the table and ask. If you're unsure but won't be attending Anthrocon to ask us in person, please email me at callista[at] and I'll check for you!

We have sent out a couple of emails over the last month or so to try and confirm mailing addresses for every book order we have on file, and if you've responded with a confirmation, rest assured that you'll be receiving your physical copy (along with any Strawberry pre-order you may have!) in the week following Anthrocon.

To those of you who may have never heard of the book, or never pre-ordered a copy of it, stop by the table to take a peek!

When you're not busy with that, check out our Tournaments...


Never played Furoticon, but looking forward to learning? Our How to Play Panel is for you! Starting at 9 p.m. in the Cambria Room in the Westin, we will be doing a hands-on demo (hands on the cards, people!) on how to play the game. You don't need to own cards to join in! We will let you pick out a Strawberry mini-deck of your choice so you can follow along!

Are you a Beginner, but no less a competitor? Our Beginner Tournament is for you! Immediately following the How to Play Panel, we'll be hosting a new style of Beginner Tournament: each player will receive a 20-card mini-deck of their choosing, and will be thrown into a friendly foursome free-for-all game. Everyone will walk away prizes, and everyone gets to keep the cards they play with!


These two Tournaments are designed to be fast and passionate; be prepared to get some pleasure out on the board quickly! Or I guess you could cock-block your opponent to takes all types ;)

We're requesting that people who are more than a little familiar with the game play sign up for these two Tournaments, though we absolutely recognize that you may need a bit of adjustment to Strawberry's new cards.

In the Booster Draft, everyone opens a Strawberry Booster, picks a card, and passes the pack on to the next person. You'll take the cards you've picked and create a 20-card deck. Remember that Strawberry Boosters will have 15 cards each, and may contain a rare custom Owner card that you can use your deck's advantage! You'll be able to keep the 30 cards you've drafted, plus any prizes you may win after this quick one round Tournament!

In the Team Constructed, grab a friend and use your normal 40-card decks to your advantage! Don't have a friend to team up with? You never know who will be at Anthrocon! Come by the table and check out our sign-in sheet, or take a chance at a potential random pairing! Everyone will win prizes in this quick, two single-elimination style Tournament!


More like "Usual"! These Tournaments are what you would usually find when we come to a con. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to sign up for the two Sealed Tournaments -- remember that there will be a How to Play Panel beforehand to refresh your memory if it's been a while since you've played the game!

In the Friday Sealed Tournament, you'll receive 3 15-card Strawberry Boosters to create a 20-card deck and duke it out with your opponents! These will be held in the same format as the Beginner Tournaments -- 4-player Free-for-All. You'll be able to keep all 45 cards you open, and everyone will win prizes!

In the Saturday Team Sealed Tournament, you and your teammate will receive 4 15-card Strawberry Boosters to create a 20-card deck each! Work together to blow off your opponents! Can't find a teammate? Come by the table and see who else is signed up! Or take a chance and get randomly paired -- it's a great way to meet new people. You'll be able to keep & split up all 60 cards you open, and everyone will (say it with me now) win prizes!

In all instances of deck-building out of Booster packs, extra Home Havens will be provided.

...and maybe even a Game Design Panel!

Seppel and I are teaming up with Temple O'Kun, Head Developer of Nordguard, the Card Game to bring you as many answers as we can on game design from conception to development to printing!

Not only will you get some insight on where to go with that project you've been sitting on, but you may find yourself with a few new cards and an original piece of Strawberry art! (And by "may" I mean "will"!)

We're going to attempt to live-Tweet during the panel if there's interest, and will post more information soon on what's up with that. Let us know now if you'd like that option! We want everyone to be able to participate, regardless of whether or not you're attending. :)

"What's this I've heard about a secret meeting?"

Uh...a secret meeting? What ever could you mean, faithful fan? Why, if I knew of a secret meeting, it's probably because I've been trusted with important information that isn't supposed to be blabbed about on the Furoticon's front page, FA, Tumblr, or Twitter. And DEFINITELY not on Sigil's FA or Twitter, nope.

Not a single hint about any special secret meeting that has anything to do with future Furoticon projects would end up on any of those places in the following hours or days. I'll make sure of it!

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Nezumi12 on Jul 5th, 2013 @ 10:39 PM
so... will we be able to order the trisk novel in book form soon? (please say yes)

Taz on Jul 5th, 2013 @ 01:01 AM
I'll definitely regret missing out on the game design panel. As well as the not-secret not-meeting. :)

KoutaLeon on Jul 3rd, 2013 @ 10:29 PM
Holy fuck! And I'm here, sitting in front of my desk... Crap T.T

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