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(Jun 27th, 2013)
Minideck Preview: Lily's Costume Party
      by Seppel

For our final previews before our big Strawberry release events at Anthrocon, July 4th - 7th, we'll be showing off what each of the minidecks contain!

Today we'll take a look at the Herm Minideck from Graduates and Gangbangs!

In the Herm Minideck, Lily's Costume Party, your deck focuses on getting the party going fast, and bringing your opponents to orgasm before they know what blew them!


Here's Vanna, a Furre card and part of your harem. In the upper-right, you can see shi costs 6 AP and 2 Herm Points to play, and if you look at the bottom-left, you can see shi has 15 stamina (that's how much pleasure shi can take before orgasming) and below that are hir PEs (Pleasuring Experience -- how much pleasure shi gives to each gender in bed). And in the skill box, you can see that shi... has no special skills. That's right, Vanna is all about getting into bed and fucking hir way to victory. And shi's got very impressive stats, giving 5 or 6 pleasure each time shi enters bed!

As impressive as shi is, shi's no match for the Team Captain, who has 20 stamina and gives 6 pleasure to Herms. Vanna will orgasm pretty quickly. When your goal is to win fast, even one big Male can slow you down significantly.

We can't let that happen! You need someone who'll bring the Team Captain to his knees immediately.

Oh my. Take a look at Frisky Flasher's second skill:

When shi enters the scene (a Furre enter the scene after you play it, unless it gets denied), you may climax target Furre that has exactly 20 stamina.

The Team Captain can't resist the quickie offered!

On top of that, Frisky Flasher is Eager, which means shi can swing (enter bed on offense; attacking) the turn shi comes into play.

So now you've cleared the way by taking out your opponent's only Furre, the Team Captain. On that same turn, you can swing with Vanna and Frisky Flasher to give your opponent 11 pleasure! (Remember to use the highest PE when giving pleasure to a player!)

That's great if you're only up against one Furre, but what happens if you are up against a whole harem?

Then it's time to call in the big guns.


I know I'm saying this a lot recently: Wow.

Nurse Snatchit sweeps up three Furres of your choice, and sends them off to the couch (or at least one step closer)! A total of 15 guaranteed pleasure just by getting a Furre card into the scene is amazing, and on top of that, hir stats blow everyone else's out of the water! In addition to that, shi's Dominant, which means shi swings for free (instead of paying 1 AP to put hir into bed). You want to swing and swing and swing with Nurse Snatchit!

This deck's goal is to win as fast as possible. Don't let the Males amass their dick army. Play aggressively before the Females make you Misplace your most important cards. And be mindful of the Otherkin's ability to... well, we'll tell you about them tomorrow!

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KoutaLeon on Jul 2nd, 2013 @ 01:03 AM
Vanna is a really hot skunk, now this deck actually caught my atention.

SaoBunneh on Jul 1st, 2013 @ 05:37 PM
Erm. It says Her* instead of Hir*? o 3o

SaoBunneh on Jul 1st, 2013 @ 05:24 PM
Typo on Vanna? It says She near the end of her text, and Shi near the start of hir text. o 3o

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