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(Jun 26th, 2013)
Minideck Preview: Lily's Stripper Life
      by Seppel

For our final previews before our big Strawberry release events at Anthrocon, July 4th - 7th, we'll be showing off what each of the minidecks contain!

Today we'll take a look at the Female Minideck from Graduates and Gangbangs!

In the Female Minideck, Lily's Stripper Life, your deck focuses on establishing your strip club to bill your opponents out of their entire deck!


Here's O'Hardley's triangle, a special Haven card. Normally you start with 10 AP per turn, but if you have O'Hardley's Triangle in the scene, you'll get 1 extra AP during your refill step, which means you'll start your turns with 11 AP instead!

And that's not all! As soon as it enters the scene, you'll charge an opponent one card off the top of his or her deck! Misplace means to put a card from the black book (deck) into the couch (discard pile).

And you'll see a lot of Misplacing going on!


Pilfered Pages is a one-shot Action card. You pay its cost in the upper right corner, resolve its effect, and put it onto your couch.

These minidecks are 20 cards each, and everyone begins the game by drawing 6 cards, meaning you have to misplace only 14 cards to make someone lose their entire deck!

But what's the point of Misplacing? You have to make your opponents orgasm to win the game, and Misplacing doesn't directly further that goal. On the bright side, you know that after you've completely misplaced a player's deck that your opponent can't draw any more cards!

But wouldn't it be better if there was something so powerful, so distracting, that your opponent couldn't resist orgasming?



Titties is a Treat card, which means it stays in the scene after you play it. At the beginning of your opponent's turn (the refill step), if your opponent has no more cards in his or her deck, the titties will be so overwhelming that they'll be giving 10 pleasure to your opponent! In minideck games, you start with 25 stamina, so even if you gave your opponent no pleasure at all, he'll orgasm on his third turn after the titties are active!

Without a black book to keep your opponent from amusing himself with six luscious pairs of tits, he'll orgasm in no time!

We'll explore another minideck tomorrow!

Be one of the first to control an army of tits! Preorder your cards today!

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Carousel on Jun 27th, 2013 @ 04:14 PM
I love the flavor text. Also it seems that a mill house black book might be on the horizon. I look forward to seeing some new strategies unfold and Titties is just awesome.

Otlan on Jun 27th, 2013 @ 01:40 PM
*Just Stares slack Jawed at the Titties! Card*.....Sorry O.O ....What were we talking about O.O ?...

Sigil on Jun 27th, 2013 @ 12:50 PM
i love this deck! Super fun to play with!

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