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(Jun 25th, 2013)
Minideck Preview: Boy Toy's Gangbang
      by Seppel

For our final previews before our big Strawberry release events at Anthrocon, July 4th - 7th, we'll be showing off what each of the minidecks contain!

Today we'll take a look at the Male Minideck from Graduates and Gangbangs!

In the Male Minideck, Boy Toy's Gangbang, your deck focuses on bringing out big dudes with high stats to gangbang your opponents into oblivion!


Here's Butch Stonebridge, one of the two Stonebridge brothers. He can't be denied, which means any "deny" effects don't work on him. He's also Dominant, which means you don't have to pay 1 AP to swing with him!

But most importantly, you'll want to look at the lower-left side of his card to see that he can take 15 pleasure before orgasming, and his ability to pleasure the other genders is very impressive. 4 pleasure to Males, 5 pleasure to Females and Herms, and 6 pleasure to Otherkin! He'll be able to orgasm almost every Furre in the set in only 3 rounds of sex!

Sure, he can fuck well, but he's even better when he's aided by his Team Captain.



In the upper right, you can see he costs 10 AP and 3 Male GP, which means you're going to have to be heavily invested in Males, and spend an entire turn playing him. But if you can tear your eyes away from the gorgeous picture, you can see just how well the Team Captain performs.

His stats are superior to Butch's in almost every way, but he has a skill to help out Butch and the rest of the team! Other Male Furres get +5 Max Stamina! So, Butch's 15 stamina? He jumps up to 20. He can't go higher than 20, though, since 20 is also his Maximum Stamina. If there were two Team Captains in the scene, however, Butch would go up to 25 stamina! (And each Team Captain boosts the other by +5 Max also!)

Be careful, though -- he'll help out every Male in the scene, even ones your opponents control. He doesn't discriminate!

However, you can rest peacefully knowing that the other three decks in Graduates and Gangbangs are Female, Herm, and Otherkin!

We'll explore another minideck tomorrow!

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Unseen_Evil on Jun 26th, 2013 @ 04:47 PM
@Jurann: I think that what caused it to pop-up on my brain is because we've currently got the art preview of every gender (more or less) and females had mostly solo content while herms and males got to show more action. Probably this update showing the male cards after the current stream of previews is what made me think that.

ezekiel_tyr on Jun 26th, 2013 @ 12:39 PM
i think im gona have to rebuild my deck after i get these cards

Jurann on Jun 26th, 2013 @ 11:41 AM
@Unseen_Evil: It's not just you, many male cards have gay art because (male) gay art would not be appropriate on any of the other cards except maybe Otherkin. Since a disproportionate amount of furries are gay males, I'm sure this is mainly to appeal to their interests. It's something that's been slowly changing over the years but it's also still a primary demographic in furry fandom. Since most of the rest of the males are bisexual, it's further welcomed and accepted. There certainly plenty of cards that depict heterosexual content, but the theme of Furoticon does seem to be pretty pan-sexual ( I mean c'mon the goal of the game is to have your orgy overcome your opponents orgy. ;D ) Admittedly I'm bisexual, so I have no problem with all of the M/M art.

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