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(Jan 2nd, 2010)
Playtesting decisions announced!
      by Seppel

We've finished making decisions on playtesters, and it was a very hard decision!

In the end, there were so many good applications that I increased the waiting list to 10 people, and even then, I had to choose a lot of it based on whose schedules matched up best with our playtesting schedule.

Congratulations to the following 25 people!
1) Admiral
2) Adroli
3) Amato
4) Anzo
5) Asmun Skytower
6) Cat
7) Crimsonred
8) Deretto
9) Dragonmaw
10) Estidel
11) Ethelwulf
12) Fayde
13) Finny Quac
14) Firbaelvan
15) Flame
16) Floru
17) Istanbul
18) Kelix
19) Klovix
20) Loben
21) Magetorment
22) Prinny Hero
23) Raishi
24) Ryldlyn
25) Teiran

The following people are on the waiting/replacement list, in the following order:
1) Flare
2) Braxia
3) Eiko
4) lamoxlamae
5) Malkili
6) Mr.B
7) Rei
8) Thaine
9) Blaze MoonShadow
10) Varry

If someone drops or we find playtesting going a little slowly, the replacements will be called in. :)

The above 35 people should receive emails by the end of the day. If you do not, please notify me.

Thanks to everyone who applied!


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