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(Jun 17th, 2013)
Furoticon Artist FAQ
      by Callista Skip

SECTION 1: COMPANY & CONTACT INFO (click to reveal)
What is Furoticon?

Furoticon is an adult, furry, trading card game produced by Tail Kiss Studio, LLC. The first card set (consisting of 179 cards) was released in 2009. As of 2013, Furoticon has a total of 5 sets, averaging about 140 cards each, with a new set released every summer at Anthrocon.

What is Tail Kiss Studio, LLC?

Tail Kiss Studio, LLC replaced Seppel Creations as Furoticon's parent company.

Tail Kiss Studio is devoted to developing games for adults everywhere!

Who would I contact if I have questions not covered on the FAQ?

Callista ( is co-Owner and Creative Director of Tail Kiss Studio! If you have worked with us any time between 2009-2013, then you have directly worked with Callista. She should be contacted for contract & legal questions. Sigil ( is the Tail Kiss Studio Art Director! She should be contacted for art-, Portal-, and Assignment-related questions.

How do I know if my application has been accepted or rejected?

You will receive an email from with an invitation code to our Artist Portal if your application has been accepted! The Artist Portal acts as our paperwork hub and contains the full text of the Artist Contract, along with available Art Assignments.

If you do not receive an invitation code, we do not feel you are ready for Furoticon at this time. You are free to email Sigil ( to ask why, with a link to the gallery you sent us. Please only do this if you are ready to hear true constructive criticism and critique. Otherwise, please feel free to apply again next year with continued natural improvement!

Do I need to have a certain skill level or style to be accepted as an artist?

We spend a few days every year looking through our comprehensive artist list. This list includes people who have worked for us in the past, and new artists that have applied since then. We do our best to make personal contact through conventions, so if we've come up to you expressly, we have seen something in your art that we like already! We are very interested in showcasing an artist's best work, and so we need to see the most recent examples of their art available to make those quality decisions.

This means that we strongly encourage interested artists to make sure that their galleries are updated with their most recent work, and that you have complete artwork - colors and backgrounds, especially - available for us to browse. We've even added that as a prompt to the application, just to make sure you know what we're looking for! We no longer accept black and white work, though you are free to collaborate with a colorist, if you can show us examples of finished work between the two of you.

This doesn't mean that we skip over artists who are more stylized or have "non-traditional" pieces of work! If you look through our sets, you will see that we consistently showcase different styles of art. Take a peek through our Card Spoiler or check our FurAffinity account for more previews!

What does the contract look like?

When you get an invite code to the Portal, you will have access to the entirety of the contract. If you have any specific questions about the contract that you would like addressed prior to seeing the contract, please contact Callista (

I didn't receive a response back the last time I applied; how long should I wait before re-applying?

We go through applications twice a year, once in the early Spring, and again in the early Fall. So if it's been 6 months since your last application, please re-apply with your newest examples of work!

Do I have to draw porn in order to be considered? Would I have to draw an adult-rated card to be accepted for art in a set?

NO -- to both! In every set, we do a wide range of subject matter ranging from landscapes, G-rated character art...all the way to XXX-oh my goodness!-rated.

What mediums are preferred for artwork for Furoticon?

We have no preference, though we've found digital to be much easier to work with as a whole. As long as the artists understand they must be able to scan and edit their pieces to fit our image quality standards, we are happy to accept traditional art!

That being said, we are only accepting 2-D media at this time.

I heard you guys would want my originals if I work traditionally, is that true?

Up until April 2013, we asked for original work. Starting July 2013, we no longer require the artist to send us traditional pieces. The artist is free to retain or sell their originals to private buyers. However, traditional artists must provide a PRINT READY image to Furoticon, or if they prefer, they may mail us the original so that we may prepare said image. We originally asked for the originals for ease of scanning and reproduction, but if the artist is able to provide a print ready image, they are free to keep it!

What is a print ready image for traditional artists?

A "print ready" image is one that we will not have to color correct, crop or otherwise edit. This means that if you wish to work traditionally, you must have adequate scanning abilities, or be comfortable giving us the original. We do not return traditional pieces sent to us.

Do I have to use my real name in my artist credit? I don't want people to easily find any adult work I do, or link me to an adult game!

We welcome the use of pen names or aliases if you'd like to be a part of the game, and we would only use your legal name at your request. We've even accommodated people who ask for "N/A" for full anonymity!

Do artists choose from a pool of Art Assignments?

Artists are invited to choose from a batch of available Assignments that range greatly in subject matter, species, and rating. Sometimes we pick specific Assignments for specific artists, but even if you end up with a Reserved Assignment, you would still be able to choose from our Open Assignments.

Are artists given really specific description to draw, or is there some leeway in what can be done in a piece?

Some are very specific; some are more loose! It entirely depends on the card. We do our best to have reference images for repeating characters, and atmosphere and setting references are made available.

What is the timeline for assignments? Do I need to know about any specific deadlines?

The basic art delivery & critique process looks like this:

You, the artist, apply for a picture in the Portal, and are approved for it by the staff. When you receive that approval, you will be prompted to sign the contract electronically - you have 3 days to review and sign the contract. After you sign, you have 5 days to submit a few thumbnails of your Assignment for review. After your thumbnails are approved, you have 5 days to submit a fully developed sketch. Once that sketch is approved, you'll receive 30% of your payment. A 50% work-in-progress (WIP) is due 15 days after sketch approval. A proposed final is due 15 days after the WIP approval. Once the proposed final is approved and the final file delivered, the final 70% of your payment will be issued.

After each submission date, the Art Director has 2 days response time. You are always encouraged to make use of the Art Director! Ask questions, send in multiple WIPs, etc. And, of course, you are always welcome to turn art in prior to their final due date!

If you are aware that your process would take longer than the format that we have, then we ask that you shoot an email to Sigil ( to ask her about what options we may be able to extend to you. We will absolutely make extensions for personal issues that may end up stretching your due date -- but we need you to be communicative with us!

Who approves my art? How micromanaged will I be?

Sigil will be the point-of-contact for artists; however Callista & Seppel will see work-in-progress (WIP) images. We do our best to avoid micromanagement -- but if a piece is having trouble with anatomy, perspective, color management or lighting, it may be subject to redlining, paintovers and other editing during the approval process or final submission.

It is very important to us that the artist be on the right track in the beginning of their design, when it is easier to change the basic structure of a work, so please feel free to ask questions and submit WIPs as you feel the need.

What size of art do you typically ask for? Do you use a template?

We ask for minimum print resolution (300DPI), and all sizes are given in width(x)height, in pixels.

The majority of our art assignments are wide (landscape): 1200 x 920px

Some are tall (portrait): 1200 x 1300px

The rest are taller (portrait+): 1200 x 1600px

This translates to 4x3 inches, 4x4.5 inches, and 4x5 inches, respectively.

We also have a few assignments that contain special dimensions for art that is meant to span more than one card.

As long as you set your canvas to the appropriate size, you will not have a problem. There will also be an empty card image to reference in the Portal that you can use to check your image against!

We will not accept images that are smaller than the given resolution, though we will accept larger ones!

What is the average payment for card images?

As of the Fall 2014, we now set a payment per Assignment. This payment ranges between $75 - $150 per card image. Simple portraits are expected to end up toward the lower end of this scale, and complex multi-character scenes end up toward the higher end. On occasion, we pay more than $150.

We are always interested in making sure the "right" artist ends up doing the "right" image!

How quickly is payment issued after I finish art?

We try for under 24 hours after accepting art! However, it can take a few days depending on scheduling. If it has been over a week and you haven't received a reply, PLEASE contact us -- something has gone wrong!

Do I need a Paypal account to receive payment?

No! While you will get your money fastest via Paypal, you do not need an account in order to receive your payment. If you choose to be paid via check, you will receive one total payment after your final image has been approved and received.

If you have yet a different way you'd prefer to receive your payment, please contact Callista ( to ask for more information!

Would I need to pay taxes on the money I make from working for Furoticon?

The IRS requires that we report any subcontractors that make more than $600 during a calendar year on a 1099 schedule. This means that if you receive $600 or more during the course of a year, you'll be asked to fill out a W-9, which is the prescribed form for requesting a taxpayer identification number (TIN).

If you are an individual or are registered as a sole proprietorship, your Social Security Number (SSN) is your TIN. If you did work for us as a representative of your registered business (LLC/Corp./etc.), then the only number we need is your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

You should be familiar with using either of these numbers to register for state sales licenses in order to attend conventions as a Dealer, as well as other tax-related purposes.

Again, this will only become relevant to you if you are paid more than $600 by Tail Kiss Studio during the course of a year!

In what ways will the art I produce for Furoticon be used?

Most often it will only go towards the production of Furoticon cards and use in Furoticon Online. However, some of the most exemplary art ends up on promotional materials, and playmats, posters and buttons! The contract allows any and all use and reproduction by the company.

Do I need to know anything about the Furoticon Lore/Canon? Is there a place I can look that up if I'm interested?

In the Artist Portal, there is a guide to the current set. To learn even more, we have a thorough Lore wiki! Callista has written the first Furoticon novel "Triskelion's Reign" which you can purchase here!

Is there a list of artists that have worked with Furoticon that I can find?

Under the "Advanced Search" in the Card Spoiler, you can search by artist via drop-down menu! Cards are added one month after a set is released, so don't be too alarmed if you can't find the newest set artists listed!

Please let us know if you have any questions NOT covered by this FAQ by emailing Callista -!

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