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(Jun 11th, 2013)
Sex in the library with Marlii and pals!
      by Seppel

Yesterday, Marlii hinted about a bit of fun happening in the library. Today, let's look at how you can have fun at the library!

It feels like it's been a while since I've previewed a card! Let's do a quick review! This card is called Longshaft Library. It's a Haven card, which means it provides resources and has no gender. To the right of its name, you'll see its cost of 5 Action Points (AP). You get 10 AP per turn, so bringing the library into the scene takes half a turn. Now let's see what benefits it gives!

In the bottom half of the card is the skill box. Longshaft Library has two skills. The first says, "Get 1 Action Point during your refill step." This means that at the beginning of your turn, you refill back to 11 AP instead of 10 AP. You're 10% faster than your opponents now!

The second skill is a little trickier, but still straightforward. Each player puts a card from their hand into their black book (deck), shuffles it, and then draws a card. It's like returning one book and checking another one out!

Sneaky strategy: Play Longshaft Library as the last card in your hand. You'll have no cards in hand, so you won't shuffle a card into your deck, but you'll still draw a card. Congrats, you now have +1 card advantage over your opponents!

But cards in hand don't beat cards in the scene, so if your opponents have amassed a lot of Treats, it's time for you to clean up:

Basement Cleanup is a Herm Action card. It costs 10 AP and 2 Herm GP, so you'll be spending your entire turn's worth of AP to play it. You'll also need 2 Herm GP, from Haven cards that give you Herm GP.

And the result? Wipe every Treat off the board and onto the couch (discard pile)! And on top of that, you'll gain 2 stamina for each Treat you send away!

A few days ago, Nikomaru and I were playing a game with the new minidecks. We traded blows in the early game, and we were both holding on at the edge of orgasm. I played a Treat that would help finish him off in two turns.

He was down to 1 stamina remaining on his next turn, and that's when he slammed down Basement Cleanup. I was shocked -- that turned the tide of the whole game. Three Treats left the board, and he hopped up to 7 stamina. On my turn, I pushed through and swung at him for 6 pleasure. I left myself defenseless, but his remaining Furre didn't have high enough Pleasuring Experience (PE) to take me out.

He swung at me anyway. I was confused at first, but then he played Gently Caress (a Surprise card that pumped his Furre's PE up by 3), and that was enough to make me orgasm. All thanks to Basement Cleanup.

There are a lot of tricks like that found in Longshaft Library, and we're just scraping the surface of this seedy basement!

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KoutaLeon on Jun 12th, 2013 @ 06:41 PM
Oh, great, now those little punks who fill the mat with treats will see :3

Eglath on Jun 11th, 2013 @ 08:29 PM
Very nice to see the cards that went with the gorgeous art from last post... Can't wait to get my paws on them.

Bunnybunbun on Jun 11th, 2013 @ 05:33 PM
heheheheh...i can actaly say that the main ting that got my attention was the name of this did that one tim....and its fun.....^//////^

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