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(Dec 24th, 2009)
Information for Artists who would like to get art in Furoticon!
      by Seppel

With the auctions over and online playtesting applications open for one more week, it's time to start working on the Artist Portal on!

Artists: Starting some time in mid-January, we will finally start sending out commission invitations. If you'd like to get on the invitation list, send an email to . There are a lot of artists on the list already, so we will be sending out invitations in batches.

How it'll Work: We will have a list of all 118 cards that need art, along with a description of what the art should entail, including characters, genders, scenes, and so on. What you do is pick out up to three slots you'd like to make pieces for.

Then we'll do a lot of mixing and matching to make sure we can give as many artists as possible a piece to do. There's only 118 cards and over 118 artists on the invitation list already, so we want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance.

This WILL NOT be first-come, first-serve. We will be reviewing the art slots once per week and selecting a portion of the cards each week until they are all claimed.

Please make sure you have enough free time between mid-January and April 1 to complete your art.

Payments, contracts, art, etc. will be handled in the Artist Portal.

More information to come later. Questions?

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