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(May 27th, 2013)
A Soapy Harem!
      by Seppel

We talked about the new customized Owner cards the other day. If you missed the article, you should read all about what's new in 3rd Vanilla!

Then take a look below at another new Owner card!


That's a lot of custom stats! Let's go through everyone one step at a time:

* Soap's harem can consist of only Males and Herms. See the symbols in the upper right of the card. As always, you can include Havens as well.

* Soap starts the game with 5 cards in hand instead of 6. This can be a potentially devastating drawback, since it reduces your ability to determine if your starting hand is good.

* Soap's maximum hand size is 5. At the end of your turn, you have to discard down to your maximum hand size. To make matters worse, if you're worried about your opening hand, spending 5 AP to draw a card at the beginning of the game almost guarantees you'll have to discard a card, especially if you don't have a Home Haven in your opening hand.

To make up for having a risky early-game, Soap has some long-term advantages:

* Soap starts the game with 5 extra stamina. 55 stamina instead of 50 (or 30 stamina instead of 25) usually means you have an extra turn of breathing room before orgasming. Don't be afraid to lose stamina in the early game!

* Soap spends 4 AP to draw a card instead of 5 AP. Drawing cards in Furoticon is so integral to winning the game, and even a small boost from 5 AP to 4 AP per card sets you far ahead. After your first 5 card draws, you'll have made up the disadvantage of starting with only 5 cards instead of 6, and from there on out, you'll be outpacing your opponent!

* For 2 AP, soap can give a target Furre -1 to Male PE and Herm PE. Since Soap's harem can only have Males and Herms, all that matters is reducing Male and Herm PE. Let's take a look at an example:

Aria is an Otherkin Furre. She costs only 5 AP and 1 Otherkin GP to play, and she has a special ability that, when she enters the scene, each player can pick a non-Furre card (a Treat, Action, or Haven) from anyone's couch (discard pile) and shuffle it into its owner's black book (deck).

That's a great skill for Otherkin, who like to play a lot of Actions, and it's even better when you're playing on a team! If you have 4 players on your team, each of them can pick any non-Furre card from any of their decks!

Aria's stats are decent, too, but she has one noticeable weakness: She only has 2 Male PE and 2 Herm PE.

If she enters bed, you're in control when you're playing as Soap. You can spend 4 AP to be distracting enough to her that she forgets to give any pleasure to your Males and Herms for a full turn!

Soap's skill can even be used in sneakier situations:

See the sneaky combo here? Normally Marlii can only give 15 pleasure with hir skill before shi makes hirself orgasm. But as Soap, you can reduce hir Male and Herm PEs by just 1 point before using hir skill each time, and suddenly shi'll give 25 pleasure to Females and Otherkin before orgasming (20 to Males).

And if you can afford to bring hir Herm PE down to 0, shi'll give pleasure forever.

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Seppel on May 31st, 2013 @ 05:54 AM
@Kouta: Yeah. If you reduce hir Herm PE to 0, she gives hirself no pleasure when you use hir skill!

Ooraka on May 30th, 2013 @ 10:50 AM
This card looks really interesting, and cannot wait to get some cards..... or wait for online to get going.

KoutaLeon on May 29th, 2013 @ 05:56 PM
I almost don't get the Marlii combo, but is because she pleasures hirself only 2, right?

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