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(May 24th, 2013)
Secrets of 3rd Vanilla revealed! Part 3!
      by Seppel

So far I've revealed that you'll be getting 15-card booster packs and 104-card 4-player deck boxes.

I went into great detail about the booster packs already, but the starter decks need a little more explanation. But before I do, I should probably make sure I don't have any extra surprises to show you.


As it turns out, I do!


Art by BlackTeagan

In addition to the Welcome Freshmen 4-player deck box, say hello to its companion, the Graduates and Gangbangs 4-player deck box!

There are no more surprises involving decks or booster packs after this. Frankly, I'd be surprised if we could ever make more than two of these in a single set! In each of these boxes, there are 104 cards, and I'm happy to say that the cards in one box are not found in the other box!. That's right -- you're guaranteed completely new cards. Even the Home Havens have different art on them! Collect them both and you can play with up to 8 players at once, each with 100% unique decks!

So now that brings up the question: how can we fit four decks into 104 cards? The math is boggling! So let's break it down:

* 20-card Male Minideck
* 20-card Female Minideck
* 20-card Herm Minideck
* 20-card Otherkin Minideck
* 7 Owner cards - for more unique gameplay
* 4 AP/GP tracking cards - 1 for each player
* 4 Stamina tracking cards - 1 for each player
* 9 Instruction cards - 5 generic, plus 1 specific to each deck

Minidecks! Each comes with its own strategy and storyline! Why minidecks? Well, simply put, we want more people to play Furoticon! It's a much smaller investment to get a lot of players into the game at once, and 20-card decks are great for players to be introduced to the game! These decks are suitable for a multiplayer environment, so be prepared for diplomatic effects!

It would just be silly if we made decks that were only good for multiplayer, so how about I give you an example of what makes a card good in both multiplayer and one-on-one:

Diplomatic Thrust says: Target Furre you control gets -5 stamina, and target Furre an opponent controls gets -15 stamina.

As the flavor text says, you'll take a little, and your opponent will take a lot! And if you're playing on teams, you can ask your teammate, "Hey, I want to take out that big guy staring us down. Can I use this on your exhausted and timid Furre?" and your teammate can reply, "Sure! She's not doing anything anyway."

And if you want to be even sneakier during a free-for-all match, you can say, "Hey, Opponent A, Opponent B is going to take us both down. You should swing with all your Furres and I can help take him down." And then when Opponent A declines the offer, you say, "Hey, Opponent B..."

And that's the power of diplomacy!

And best of all, if you're only playing a one-on-one game, you can combine two of the minidecks together to form a full 40-card deck! You get 6 combinations of starter decks you can make in each 104-card deck box!

Tomorrow: Let's talk about those Owner cards.

Strawberry preorders begin June 1st! Check every day for new previews!

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Nezumi12 on May 29th, 2013 @ 05:38 PM
i like this. more variety, more possibilities.

Carousel on May 25th, 2013 @ 01:07 AM
I like the diplomatic thrust. Also I am thinking about getting the big box. <.<" What to do?

Otlan on May 24th, 2013 @ 10:53 PM
*Whimpers a little* I Can already feel my Wallet getting Thinner and Thinner -_- . But it will be SO Worth it XD ! Come Oooooonnnnn STRAWBERRY *n_n* !!!!!

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