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(May 23rd, 2013)
Secrets of 3rd Vanilla revealed! Part 2!
      by Seppel

Yesterday I revealed that we will be bringing 15-card booster packs to you, but that's not where the excitement ends.

To issue this next piece of excitement, I'd first like to call everyone's attention to the card rarity stats of Strawberry:

* 60 Commons
* 40 Uncommons
* 34 Rares
* 18 Starter-only
* 8 Home Haven

Common, uncommon, and rare are standard rarities of cards. And you'll always find 1 Home Haven in every booster pack.

It's a Home Haven!

What stands out in Furoticon is the Starter-only rarity. These are cards that we feel are less suitable for booster packs, for multiple reasons:

* The card is too powerful or too weak in a limited tournament. A limited tournament is one where you build a deck from cards in a few booster packs you open. Some cards underperform in these environments, making players annoyed that they got the card. Others (especially repeatable Misplace cards) become very powerful when you only have 20 cards in your deck.

* The card is too situational to be useful. Suppose you have card X, which is really good against Y effects. Then we review the set, and realize that the Y effect is only found on 1 common card, 3 uncommons, and 5 rares. Instead of using a precious common slot for a card that is more effective in constructed games (ones where you bring your own 40-card deck), it graduates to Starter-only rarity.

* The card contains an effect that's similar to another card in the set. Instead of increasing the odds the similar effect will pop up, we put it on an even playing field with the rest of the effects. For example, two cards that give pleasure to an opponent are probably redundant in some form, and it leads to a stagnant limited environment.

See the blue mark in the bottom right? That means it's starter-only!

There's some insight on how we determine cards for the starter-only rarity, but more importantly, why am I telling you this? Well, if I may be so bold, I'd like to give you all some more numbers:

1st Vanilla, released in 2009, has 81 starter-only cards, due to a printing issue. You can read more about 1st Vanilla in yesterday's article.

Triskelion, our BDSM-themed set, released in 2010, has 24 starter-only cards. With only 2 starter decks and 130 cards in the set, this proved to be a significant chunk of the set found only in the starter decks.

2nd Vanilla, our first college-themed set, released in 2011, is only booster packs, and thus has no starter-only cards.

Tribes of Tanglebrook, our tribal-themed set, released in 2012, has 9 starter-only cards spread across 3 starter decks. This was immensely effective, striking a good balance with starter decks and the limited environment.

3rd Vanilla: Strawberry is a little larger than Tanglebrook, which would mean we'd try to aim for about 9 starter-only cards. So, then, why are we doubling the number of starter-only cards to 18?


Here's your answer:

Art by A_Blue_Deer

As I mentioned yesterday, we are encouraging multiplayer gaming a lot with Strawberry, and what better way to do it than to start people off with the ability to play with 4 players?

Due to the immense size of this thing, it was very appropriate for us to institute some extra starter-only cards to it so that everyone, especially collectors, would get a good value out of both 4-player deck boxes and 15-card booster packs!

I'll talk more about what's inside these tomorrow, but for now, I'll just leave you with a little teaser:

There are 104 cards in this 4-player deck box.

Strawberry preorders begin June 1st! Check every day for new previews!

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Nezumi12 on May 29th, 2013 @ 05:40 PM
if this isn't too expensive, i may buy this for myself as a late b-day gift.

LenKagamineFTW on May 24th, 2013 @ 04:04 PM
I hope this won't be too expensive I'd love to get it

KoutaLeon on May 24th, 2013 @ 03:56 PM
I wander if this 4-player deck box will be like the collector's box from past sets.

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