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(May 19th, 2013)
When the working day is done, Lily's ready to have fun!
      by Seppel

Lily mentioned she was going to hold a costume party at her awesome new apartment:

Things are going to get hot and steamy in that apartment, but to break the ice, how about playing a classic party game?


Spin the Bottle is an Action that costs 4 AP, 1 Male GP, and 1 Herm GP, and its effect is nearly as random as a real game of spin the bottle! Best played in large groups!

Suppose there are three Furres in the scene, and they have 5 for all PEs (remember that PE, Pleasuring Experience, is how much pleasure a Furre gives to another Furre of a certain gender). Let's say Furre A has 5 stamina, Furre B has 10 stamina, and Furre C has 15 stamina. The bottle spins once, and Furres B and C pleasure each other because they have the highest stamina. They give 5 pleasure to each other, leaving their totals at:

Furre A: 5 stamina
Furre B: 5 stamina
Furre C: 10 stamina

Now the bottle is spun again! Furre C has the highest stamina, but there's a tie between Furre A and B, so you get to choose which one plays with Furre C. Let's say you choose Furre A, making A and C pleasure each other for 5 each. Furre A is at 0 stamina now and orgasms, leaving only two Furres left:

Furre B: 5 stamina
Furre C: 5 stamina

The bottle is spun one last time! Since there's only two Furres left, they finish up the game by giving each other 5 pleasure, making them orgasm!

That was fun!


However, Lily's still gotta get through this week of work before she can afford to hold the party.

But when you're showered with gifts, it's not too difficult at all!


We said that this set is all about multiplayer, and we mean it! If you have seven opponents throwing Surprises and Alterations at each other, you can just sit back, relax, and say, "Thank you for all your lovely donations!" Simply play All Mine and you'll be able to collect up all those Alterations and place them wherever you want.

Is Boy Toy warming your opponent's bench with Viagrate?

Not any more! Now he's your little servant! If you have any Male GP handy, now you can make him increase your harem's ability to give pleasure!

Strawberry preorders begin June 1st! Check every day for new previews!

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IkariGullwing on May 23rd, 2013 @ 06:54 PM
Dear otters:

Spin the Bottle

Sincerely yours,

Everyone without Quell

Nezumi12 on May 22nd, 2013 @ 11:45 PM
i love the art on "all mine" absolutely gorgeous.

Bunnybunbun on May 22nd, 2013 @ 08:59 AM
i really like how all the cards looks so far. This is going to be PAWSOME!! ^^

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