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(Apr 26th, 2013)
Furoticon Online News Comic!
      by Sigil

I did a little news update for Furoticon Online! However, you gotta check the Tumblr to see the whole thing! ;D

Click to read more!

Be sure to follow the Tumblr page if you want to see how the game development is progressing, and ask any questions you might have on the Tumblr! If any are visual enough to be drawn out, I'll put them in a picture news post!

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Kaia_Cougar on Apr 28th, 2013 @ 09:41 AM

This amused me more than it probably should. That and their reactions to the floating beta symbol.

Unseen_Evil on Apr 28th, 2013 @ 09:36 AM
It took me a few tries to figure out that the comic is divided into lots of pics.

KoutaLeon on Apr 27th, 2013 @ 11:58 PM
This game is going to be the best TCGOnline ever! Can't wait to play it >.<

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