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(Apr 2nd, 2013)
Updates: Furoticon Online, Strawberry, and more!
      by Seppel

There's a distinct quiet period that hits the Furoticon news updates every year, around March and April. That's because we're so busy behind the scenes preparing for new events, games, and Furoticon sets! Time flies so fast! Did you know it's April already? April!

Here's what's been going on behind the scenes so far:

Furoticon Online: Development is going smoothly! We're almost to the point where a full game of Furoticon can be completed. As you may remember, playing a game of Furoticon is just one of the many things you can do in Furoticon Online, and we can't wait to get everything implemented! The biggest step, however, is the gameplay itself. We will keep you updated when we are ready for some playtesting. :)

3rd Vanilla: Strawberry: It's all done! Callista, Marik, and I were pulling 16-hour workdays this past week in order to get all the cards finalized for the printer. Now we just have to wait for the cards to arrive!

We're doing something very special for this set: Normally, a Vanilla set is there to allow us to reprint some of the good old cards that people might have a hard time getting their paws on. But for this set, of the 192 different card arts for this set, only 17 of them feature the same art from a previous set!

With that said, to make up for our silence, I'm going to give you all one spoiler from the set.

Corner Whore is back for another round of fun! He's Dominant and Submissive, which means you don't have to pay 1 AP to put him into bed, regardless of whether he's on top or on bottom. And in addition to that, he lets you draw a card when he... when he enters the scene.

Look at Corner Whore from previous sets:

There's a wording change here:

"When Corner Whore comes into play, draw a card."


"When Corner Whore enters the scene, draw a card."

There's no rules change here, just a syntax change. Players were getting confused by the act of "playing" a card, and when a card "comes into play." First you play a Furre card, then players are allowed to react, then it comes into play. See the confusion?

So instead of calling the play area a generic play area, we're now calling it the scene. You play a Furre card, players are allowed to react, then the Furre enters the scene.

3rd Vanilla: Strawberry spoilers start May 1st!


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RainbowKitten on Apr 7th, 2013 @ 09:52 PM
Yay new wordings and new cards soon!

Seppel on Apr 5th, 2013 @ 04:48 PM
@Pouncerrr: I accidentally saved it with its original CMYK color profile -- usually we convert to RGB when previewing so all the other websites can properly display the images. The more vibrant version you saw is the actual image that gets sent to the printer.

Pouncerrr on Apr 4th, 2013 @ 04:47 PM
I noticed a difference in color saturation and hue between the two cards. Have you altered that from your digital artwork? Will they still look the same printed or will this reflect the printed cards as well?

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