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(Oct 23rd, 2009)
Post-FurFright Report!
      by Seppel

FurFright was a load of fun!

We arrived in Connecticut on Friday morning, checked into our room, and headed to the dealer's room to set up. Before we knew it, the dealer's room was open and we were meeting a whole new crowd of Furoticon virgins and some familiar faces online - Flare, Zephyr, Deretto, Wolfgang, Raniko, Tursi, Iffy, Maxxy, all of our new friends from Canada, and everyone else I'm forgetting to mention!

You were all so fun to hang out with, and my only regret was that the con wasn't longer. We had to leave Sunday afternoon - it felt like we barely got to say hello to some people!

Click to enlarge. Hand sanitizer available in the corner.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves - what happened in between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon was all the good stuff!

Throughout our time at the dealer's table, we talked with Susan van Camp, Heather Bruton, Diana Harlan Stein, Jim Groat, SirFox, Dingbat, and other wonderful artists about the possibility of doing card art for Furoticon and the responses were very positive.

Our first two auction winners, Flare and Zephyr, were at the con, too, and we got a little bit of card discussion going for the new set.

Click to enlarge.

All Furo gaming was sequestered to the Litchfield room, which we filled up easily.

We took up all the tables and had to resort to playing on chairs.

Callista took the newbies to an unused room down the hall for a bunch of Furoticon basics while I managed the tournament and answered some very amusing questions. A rather neat card interaction happened in the tournament - one player had a Backdoor Bodyguard in play (with about 5 or 6 stamina left), and the other had some Generous Furres (two Teasing Todgers) and some non-Generous Furres. That player swung with everything at the Bodyguarded player. Because Backdoor Bodyguard makes other Furres you control unable to put out, the Bodyguarded player had only two choices - put out with Backdoor Bodyguard, or put out with nothing.

Recipe for a messy bed

Regardless of what would happen, the Bodyguard was taking the pleasure of the Todgers. This caused the Bodyguard to orgasm, and leave its owner with no Furres in bed. Then, the non-Generous Furres gave their pleasure directly to the defending owner - enough pleasure to win the game!

Click to enlarge.

Ah, the tournament itself! It was a booster draft-style tournament, which means you get 3 packs of cards and sit at a table with other players. You open one booster pack, pick a card out of it, and pass it to the left. Then you take the pile of cards that was passed to you and pick a card out of it, and repeat until you've picked out all 10 cards. You repeat this for the other two packs, passing to the right for the second pack and passing to the left for the third pack. Then you construct a 20-card deck with the cards you pulled (plus any Home Havens that you might need), and you get to keep all your cards, regardless of whether you win or lose!

Starting a game!

After that, players play 3 rounds with the deck they've made, and the players who won the most go to the top 4, where single elimination happens. Prizes were given out to the top 9 players!

Thanks to everyone who played! Here are the final standings. 2 points are given for every win, 1 point for every draw, and 0 points for every loss.

5Raiden Kitsune4
9Chakat Feathersoft2
11Out of Order0

Want to see what they drafted? We have a draft viewer! Follow along with the players as they decided what to pick!

Click to enlarge.

Our thanks go out to everyone who attended FurFright!

The best group shot I could get. :)

Next stop - Midwest FurFest in Illinois!

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