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(Feb 2nd, 2013)
Combo Corner: Tanglebrook Dragon Deck!
      by Seppel

Over on the Furoticon Forums, I proposed a small challenge to everyone -- find the best opening hand for each Tribes of Tanglebrook Starter Deck.

The brilliant Wilon found an opening hand combo that allows you to have your four biggest dragons in play on your third turn!

Consider the opening 6-card hand Wilon proposed:

Your opening hand. This is going to get crazy.

As Wilon mentioned, this works best if you're going second (the player going first gets 5 AP instead of the normal 10 AP on his/her first turn, for fairness).

Turn 1: You have 10 AP. Spend all 10 AP, show your opponent a dragon card in your hand, and play Tew Bluff.

Turn 2: You have 10 AP, a Female point, and an Otherkin point. Spend 4 AP to play Heights, then spend 4 AP and an Otherkin point to play Loose Cannon.

Turn 3: You have 10 AP, a Female point, a Herm point, and an Otherkin point. Activate Loose Cannon's skill by climaxing her and sending her to your couch. Loose Cannon's skill gives you 3 AP for each Furre card you reveal that has a PE of 7 or more. Thankfully, your Scorchcrags have a Male PE of 7! Reveal your two Scorchcrags to gain 6 AP.

Now you have 16 AP, a Female point, a Herm point, and an Otherkin point on your third turn! That's enough to play Compulsion of the Saibel and still have 1 AP left over. When you play Compulsion of the Saibel, you get to search your hand for three dragon cards and put them into play right away. Find Bog the Insatiable and Tunnelbider from your deck and Scorchcrag from your hand, and put them into play. They'll enter with such force that they'll shake the stadium as they land!

Need a visual? Here's what your opponent will be facing on turn 3:


On turn 4, you can swing for a total of 31 pleasure! If your opponent doesn't have any Furres out yet and you're playing with starter decks (where you start with 25 stamina), then congratulations, you've won on turn 4 with your dragons!


Even if your opponent is somehow able to defend from the onslaught of four mighty dragons that have a total of 90 stamina between them, you still have two Scorchcrags in your hand -- you'll have enough AP to swing and hibernate one of them on turns 4 and 5!

All that power, found in one starter deck!

Are you ready to rock with the dragons?

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Wilon on Feb 3rd, 2013 @ 11:41 AM
Probably because Tew Bluff is a haven card, I suppose..

Taz on Feb 3rd, 2013 @ 11:31 AM
Hey wait a minute. How come Bog the Insatiable is censored but Tew Bluff isn't? I think for all the showcasing we're doing of Bog, the least we can do is uncensor him.

Daralyn on Feb 3rd, 2013 @ 12:24 AM
wow...just wow

if you have lucky hand and right deck... dragon powa

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