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(Jan 5th, 2013)
Today's theme is Grizzwald!
      by Seppel

We've revealed a lot of stories and given you a lot of news updates, but it's been a while since we've shown off cards!

Today's theme is Grizzwald!

Grizzwald is a BIG bear. A big expensive 4-GP bear. In the upper right corner, you'll see that he costs 8 Action Points (AP; you get 10 AP per turn), and 4 Male Gender Points (GP; you have to get GP from other cards).

In the bottom left, you see that he has 20 stamina (), which means he can take an impressive 20 pleasure before he orgasms. Most Furres can take between 5 and 15 pleasure before orgasming.

Below that, we can see that, in bed, he gives 7 pleasure to Males, 6 pleasure to Females, 3 pleasure to Herms, and 5 pleasure to Otherkin. These are his pleasuring experience (PE), and when typing out PEs, we abbreviate them like so: 7/6/3/5. Anyway, he knows how to give a lot of pleasure. Most Furres average about 3 for PEs, whereas Grizzwald averages over 5 for PEs.

If that wasn't enough, he's also Dominant, which means you don't have to pay the normal 1 AP cost to swing. And he's Generous, too, which is very good. Normally, pleasure in bed is given at the same time, but a Generous Furre gives pleasure in bed before other Furres in bed. This means, for example, that he'd make any Female with 6 or less stamina orgasm without taking any pleasure!

If 6 pleasure isn't enough to get the job done, you need a Viagrate:

An Alteration is a type of card that is placed on another card. In this case, we want to alter Grizzwald. Viagrate comes with a reusable skill that, for 1 Male GP, we can give Grizzwald +1 to any of his PEs for one turn. So if you have 4 spare Male GP, you can swing with Grizzwald, then activate the Viagrate skill 4 times to pump his Female PE up to 10. Any normal Female that puts out to him with 10 or less stamina is going to orgasm before she can even get his pants off!

Sometimes Viagrate just isn't enough. In those cases, you need an Eternal Boner:

For almost as much as it costs to play Grizzwald, you can slap down a +5 PE bonus to any Furre you want. For example, it increases Grizzwald's PEs to an amazing 13/12/8/9. And on a Generous Furre? You'll blow your competition right out of the water.

Get your hands on these cards while they're still around!


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LenKagamineFTW on Jan 10th, 2013 @ 03:43 PM
Now I just need some money then I can get some of these ^_^

Gundevil31 on Jan 9th, 2013 @ 01:03 PM
Love the bear cards my masters a has a bear fursona so it's great when he uses them to play aginst me.

Drymusoph on Jan 7th, 2013 @ 09:29 AM
My husband is ecstatic about these cards. He loves the bear cards since they match his fursona

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