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(Oct 7th, 2009)
Everything you need to know about Furoticon at FurFright!
      by Seppel

- FurFright report coming soon!

- Limited quantity Big Boosters have been added to the ordering page!

- Want to get your characters or fursona into the next set of Furoticon? We have started weekly auctions to give you all a chance to be a star in the new set! The slots are first-come first-serve, so click here to bid now! (New auction!)

- Old auctions:
Auction #2 (Otherkin Rare claimed)
Auction #1 (Male Rare claimed)

Come join us at FurFright in Waterbury, CT, October 16 - 18! Get cards, play games, trade with others, and compete in a tournament!

Most of my time will be spent manning the Dealer's table during the day, but in the evenings, I'll be around playing some games of Furoticon with everyone! Anyone who wins a game against me will win a Seppel card!

But most importantly, you'll want to know where to get cards! We will be located in the Dealer's Den. Our table is labeled as Seppel Creations:

Check out the next Furoticon How-to-Play Panel & Tournament at FurFright!

Friday 16th

We will be introducing a Draft Style Tournament at FurFright!
(for more information about FurFright, visit

Draft Style play encourages spontaneity and strategy. Each competitor will receive 3 booster packs, one for each round of the draft. You will "draft" one card from the first pack you open, then pass the rest to the player on your left. This will continue until each card has been drafted from that pack. The 2nd pack is drafted out the same, though packs will be passed to the right. The 3rd pack is passed to the left again. After all packs have been drafted, it will be your challenge to use the 30 cards you've drafted (plus any home havens needed - extras will be supplied) to create a 20-card deck to play with.

While this will be a timed event, you will have some time to work with your cards. It is possible to create a winning 20-card deck!

Participants will be paired up for three 30-minute rounds, starting with 25 :sp:. If time runs out, and there is no winner after 5 additional turns, the round is a draw.

Scoring: 2 points are given for every win, and 1 point for every draw. From there, the top 4 (or 8, if there're 24 players) will be determined, and do single elimination (one cut for every loss).

Tiebreakers: When establishing the top 4 (or 8), the player whose opponents had more points (or, the "harder" opponents) will come out on top.

Prizes for everyone: You get to keep all of the cards you draft!
Prizes for 6-8 players: 1 booster for 4th & 3rd Place, 2 boosters for 2nd Place, 1 Starter & 1 Booster for 1st Place.
Prizes for 9-16 players: 1 booster for 8th-5th Places, 2 boosters for 4th & 3rd Place, 1 Starter & 1 Booster for 2nd Place, 2 Starters & 2 Boosters for 1st Place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with most all of our tournaments, you will need an event ticket to participate! Not only will you be able to keep the cards that you drafted, but prizes will be given out as well! Event tickets help to offset the price of our generosity.

Event tickets are available online, and at our dealer's table, but WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF THE TOURNAMENT, so be sure to purchase one before the tournament you want to attend! In this case, it would be before the Dealer's Room closes: 5pm on October 16th, 2009.

Event tickets are valid for any tournament. If you purchase one for a specific tournament, but then have to cancel your plans, you can still use your event ticket at any other tournament! You could also contact Seppel () and gift your ticket to a friend who is able to attend the con.
If you order one online, but then forget it the day of the tournament, don't worry - all you need is a photo ID and we can look up your ticket for you.
If you order online, and it doesn't come to you before you leave for the convention, don't worry - all you need is a photo ID and we can look up your ticket for you.

Event tickets are non-refundable unless an announced tournament is canceled after your event ticket is purchased.

Buy Event Tickets, and other Furo products here!

Hope to see you there!


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