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(Nov 8th, 2012)
Credit Card Issues on Offbeatr?
      by Callista Skip

Hey! We've finally gotten a good answer out of Offbeatr as to what to do in the event that your credit card seems to have trouble with their system.

Straight from the horse's mouth (emphasis has been added):

"One of the issues that some pledgers have is the fact that our payment processor is in the UK. Because of that their own credit company (if they are based in the US) will block the transaction since it looks "suspicious" since it is international. In those cases they need to contact the bank and let them know to approve international charges (or clear it if they have already pledged). Unfortunately, this is something out of our control and something the banks have instituted for fraud protection.

If users are getting 1277 errors have them contact us through the customer support chat and we can reset the error so they can pledge again. We do this since until they fix the above mentioned problem it still won't work until they clear it with their credit card bank."

We're still looking into what else could be causing issues for some people, but hopefully this information will be helpful to some of you who have been having pledging issues.

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ezekiel_tyr on Nov 23rd, 2012 @ 09:27 AM
thank god i didnt get that error

SatalinLoveJr on Nov 13th, 2012 @ 06:29 AM
Is there any way to still support this project even without owning a credit card? Like direct transfer eg, since I may not own one but would love to pledge and eventually maybe still get such a handsome looking reward...

glink on Nov 9th, 2012 @ 09:13 AM
wow now that sucks but at least now we know

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