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(Sep 9th, 2009)
Post-MFM Report / Announcing Triskelion / Full-Set Binders!
      by Seppel

Mephit Fur Meet was great!

We made a big announcement about Furoticon's future while we were there, but I want to keep the suspense up for this news post, so before I talk about that announcement, I'll tell you about the con itself!

Mephit Fur Meet (MFM) is the first furry event I've been to besides Anthrocon, and I've been attending Anthrocon every year since 2002. So as a point of reference, MFM is nearly 6 times smaller than Anthrocon. With such a size difference, you may think MFM couldn't compare, but it can! The hotel is comfortable for MFM's size, and the attendees are very friendly people (except for the guy who thought it would be funny to stop and stretch in the middle of a staircase while I was holding about 100 pounds of dealer's table stuff, but he shall go unnamed).

We met a whole bunch of new people, as well as a couple returning fans - Shifter, Razz, and others were at both Anthrocon and MFM... so many people, I can't begin to name them all!

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Liebemaus was with us, signing her cards for anyone that asked. She loved the con and told us stories of meeting her fans and overhearing people talk about Furoticon.

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During the demo panel and tournament, a lot of amusing quotes were heard:

"They're coming"

"I think I'll do some swinging."

"I just want to spread it out."

"I'm going to have an assload by the end of this game."

"You need Excessive Girth."

"I'll call you back - I'm trying to get four guys to orgasm."

"I'm going to whack your tiger."

"He left you wide open."

"I had Titties in my hand!"

"If you had two Titties..."

"That one's going down."

"You cannot raise your tail to him."

"Surprise! Foreplay!"

"He keeps pissing me off by hitting me with his vibrator."

"They're doing a tournament at the adult thing and I have to watch."

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Tournament Results

10 players signed up for the multiplayer tournament, so we split the groups into two tables of five. There were two very different games played at each. On one side of the room, players were swinging at each other like crazy, while at the other table, players were scared to get into bed!

Thanks to everyone who played! Here are the final standings. 1 point is given for every opponent defeated, and 2 points are given for winning the entire table.

RankNamePoints    Deck
1Strype McClaine3Male Starter
2Pyro-Puppy2Female Starter
3Goliath Wildcat1Modified Herm Aggro
4Kota Coon0Otherkin Starter
5Tygon0Female Starter

RankNamePoints    Deck
1Theseus3Female Starter
3Flamedramon11Female Starter
4Amy Gotcha0Herm Starter
5Guy Incognito0Otherkin Starter

Guy Incognito spent a lot of time maintaining order on the table, denying powerful cards such as Amy's Cara Black and Theseus's Spring. Amy tried to push the aggression with her herms, but there were too many Ezrias in play to push through.

"You take 23 pleasure," said Shifter.

Amy reacted with Raise a Tail: "Discard, discard, I save myself, you take 6."

Unfortunately, as soon as Amy was about to use Raise a Tail to her advantage, she was defeated.

Both players of the Otherkin Starter managed to play Needy Beast, and one of them reached over 20 SP before it climaxed! To play cards safely without the threat of a Spitting Kitty denial, Theseus used Hard Worker to exhaust Spitting Kitty, while musing, "Who says you need to be otherkin to be control?"

Shifter couldn't keep up with Theseus's massive stamina gains, and succumbed to Titties, which was on the bottom of Theseus's deck.

The other table was a close game, with Strype having only 1 card left in his deck, making Kota Coon's Titties were useless against him.

Fun was had by all, and we look forward to seeing you all at other cons!

Now, it's time for a grand announcement!

Announcing Triskelion

Triskelion is the codename for the first Furoticon expansion set!

The Triskelion of Furoticon

Feel free to discuss and speculate about Triskelion on the forums!

More info to come soon...

One-of-a-kind Full-Set Binders

To celebrate the coming of a Furoticon expansion set (and to help raise funds), we are offering full-set binders! That's right - collect the entire set right away as well as have a snazzy binder - and they also have free one-of-a-kind prints of Furoticon art on the cover!

Click to enlarge.

Only FIVE of these will ever be made - one cover print of each gender (plus Haven).

$300 nets you ALL 179 first-edition Furoticon cards, plus the 5 instruction cards and 4 Owner cards - 189 mint-condition cards total. Collectors, you may now tremble with excitement.

Click to enlarge.

These will NEVER EVER be offered again. If you are interested, please send an email to and specify which gender you would like. These are first-come, first-serve. Free shipping!


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