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(Oct 28th, 2012)
3rd Stretch Goal Achieved!
      by Callista Skip

NOTE: We'ved changed our wording a little!
"Achieved" means that we have met the goal in question! Yay us!
"Revealed" means that you know what the goal prize will be, but we haven't met the goal yet.
See below the image for more information on the goals!


#1 - ACHIEVED in 15 days upon reaching $26,000!

Added to every Offbeatr reward level -- 10 free avatar items with your account! Dress your avatar up -- or down -- with coats, hats, lingerie, or even bondage equipment! Make your avatar as unique as you are!
#2 - ACHIEVED in 16 days upon reaching $27,500!

Added to every Offbeatr reward level --every OffBeatr reward level will receive 2 free digital boosters along with their other prizes! For those rewards levels that are $100 or higher, you'll receive 4 free digital boosters!
#3 - ACHIEVED in 18 days upon reaching $28,500!

Added to every Offbeatr reward level -- every OffBeatr reward level will receive their choice of 5 free bedroom scenes with their account. These unique bedrooms will help build the atompshere of your harem's lovemaking, and let people know where you best dominate in the bedroom!

Check out our project page (link above) for more information on our stretch goals!

Have you been interested in helping out the campaign all along, but have felt like you wouldn't be able to get the reward level you were really aching for? Just because you can't spend $500 doesn't mean you shouldn't consider the benefits of our $10 reward!

With our stretch goals getting consistently hit, a $10 pledge can net you several things!

* A digital account, sure, which means that you're capable of signing in immediately on Launch Day in approximately June 2013! All digital accounts also start with 1,000 furos to start their card collection with!
* Now you'll also get 10 free Avatar items to dress your Avatar up just the way you'd like them.
* You'll also get 2 free digital boosters to start your account with!
* And with this last stretch goal met, you'll also get your choice of 5 free bedroom scenes!

Your $10 pledge (or $25, or $50, or the remaining $2,000 pledge!) will help us get boosted toward our next stretch goal -- and our next one! -- until you're all reaping the rewards of the group effort that all of you Furoticon fans have chipped in on!

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Shukumei on Oct 31st, 2012 @ 04:09 AM
Wow seeing it already at this step, I wonder how high it will go?

glink on Oct 29th, 2012 @ 01:29 PM
look at the money flow guys go go go

chillstep on Oct 29th, 2012 @ 08:44 AM
Sweet. although i dont know if you can still pledge even after it's done. :| oh well. good luck guys i'll be playing this game a lot. :)

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