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(Oct 25th, 2012)
Two Weeks Left to Hit Stretch Goals!
      by Callista Skip

Hear ye, hear ye -- Furoticon Online's campaign has been fully funded!

But this is only the start to a beautiful new relationship with new and experienced players! Help us hit our stretch goals (listed below) to gain extra perks to your already perky rewards -- and further guarantee success for the project!


#1 - Revealed in less than 24 hours upon reaching $10,000!

Help us hit $26,000, and every Offbeatr reward level will get 10 free avatar items with their accounts! Dress your avatar up -- or down -- with coats, hats, lingerie, or even bondage equipment! Make your avatar as unique as you are!

#2 - Revealed in 9 days upon reaching $20,000!

Help us hit $27,500, and every Offbeatr reward level will receive 2 free digital boosters along with their other prizes! For those rewards levels that are $100 or higher, you'll receive 4 free digital boosters!

#3 - Revealed in 14 days upon reaching $25,000!

Help us hit $28,500, and every Offbeatr account will receive their choice of 5 free bedroom scenes with their account. These unique bedrooms will help build the atompshere of your harem's lovemaking, and let people know where you best dominate in the bedroom!

#4 - Will be revealed when we hit our first stretch goal of $26,000!


I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and enthusiasm for this campaign. You guys are the reason Furoticon exists! Thanks to everyone for every pledge -- no amount is too small to help push us up to these next goals! And, remember! -- you are always able to pledge a second (or third!) time!

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Shukumei on Oct 31st, 2012 @ 04:43 AM
Will you be able to get bedrooms with a free account at all, or will we be stuck with a plain background?

lovingangel909 on Oct 28th, 2012 @ 12:05 PM
i wish i had more cash to help fund this

marshall846 on Oct 27th, 2012 @ 12:22 AM
I wish I had some extra cash to help fund the project.

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