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(Aug 25th, 2009)
Everything you need to know about Furoticon at Mephit Fur Meet
      by Seppel

Come join us at Mephit Fur Meet in Memphis, TN, September 4 - 6! Get cards, play games, trade with others, and compete in a tournament!

UPDATE: Dice packs added to the online store!

Most of my time will be spent manning the Dealer's table during the day, but in the evenings, I'll be around playing some games of Furoticon with everyone! Anyone who wins a game against me will win a Seppel card!

But most importantly, you'll want to know where to get cards! We will be located in the Dealer's Den. Our table is labeled as Seppel Creations. The Dealer's Den will be open at the following times:

* Friday: Noon - 6PM
* Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
* Sunday: 10AM - 6PM

Liebemaus Artist Liebemaus will be at our table from time to time! Come meet her and get your cards autographed!

Demo Panel

The demo panel will be held on Friday at 9 PM in room 9. Participation is FREE. We will lend out decks so people can learn how to play.

There will also be a special announcement about the future of Furoticon.


The tournament will be held on Friday around 9:30 PM in room 9. Participation is FREE and there will be prizes.

The tournament's format is multiplayer free-for-all. There will be a limit of 24 players. If more than 12 players would like to compete, the players will be split into two tables. The winner at each table will play each other in a final round.

This tournament will be a casual environment focusing on teaching new players how to play Furo. If you don't know the rules, there is a how-to-play demo before the tournament to help you learn the basics. I, Seppel, will be there to answer rules questions, solve disagreements, and make judgments. Simply raise your hand and call for me and I'll assist! Above all, have fun!

Your deck must be exactly 40 cards in size, and have no more than 3 copies of a card except for Home Havens, which have no limit. If you don't have any Furo cards (shame on you!), you can still play! Starter decks will be provided to anyone who needs one, but you'll have to return them after the tournament is over.

Special rules to be aware of for multiplayer games: When you enter bed, you may choose to swing at more than one player. If you do, you must choose which Furres are swinging at which opponents. Each group of swinging Furres is considered to be in a different "bed" and will not give pleasure to other opposing Furres or players that you chose.

For example, if you swing with 1 Furre at player A and 2 Furres at player B, then player A will only be pleasured by the 1 Furre. Player A can also only put out his/her Furres to pleasure that 1 Furre. The same restriction applies to player B and the 2 Furres.

Prizes are as follows:
* Climax 1 opponent: 1 booster pack
* Climax 2 opponents: 2 booster packs
* Climax 3 opponents: 1 starter deck
* Climax 4 opponents: 1 starter deck, 1 booster pack
* Climax 5 opponents: 1 starter deck, 2 booster packs
* Climax 6 opponents: 2 starter decks
* Climax 7 opponents: 2 starter deck, 1 booster pack
* Climax 8 opponents: 2 starter deck, 2 booster packs
* Climax 9 opponents: 3 starter decks
* Climax 10 opponents: 3 starter deck, 1 booster pack
* Climax 11 opponents: 3 starter deck, 2 booster packs
* Be the last Owner standing (and win if there's a final round): 1 additional starter deck

Hope to see you there!


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