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(Aug 11th, 2009)
So you want to be in Furoticon?
      by Seppel

You've seen the cards, you've purchased a deck or two (hopefully!) and now you want to know how you can get in Furoticon?

I've received a lot of questions along this line, so I'm here to answer them in this post! There is the potential of an expansion set for Furoticon, if the game continues to be as popular as it is (hint, hint!). Nothing is finalized or set in stone at this time, but I can offer the following advice:

For Artists:
Check back in late September / early October. If all goes well, I'll make a news post about an open call for artists!

For players who want to get their fursonas on a Furoticon card:
We will be auctioning off a few card slots (roughly 8 - 12) to people who want to get into the game. Keep an eye out in late September / early October for a news post about these!

And for those clueless few who just want to know what Furoticon is?

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Furoticon is an adults-only anthro novelty card game. It was released on July 2, 2009, at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA. Cards are available for purchase online, or at select furry conventions, such as Anthrocon, Mephit FurMeet, FurFright, and Midwest Fur Fest. Gaming events are also held at such conventions.

In Furoticon, you play as a well-renowned Owner (Master, Mistress, Mastress, or Dominator) dueling against one or more Owners for dominance over your opponents' harems. Break through their harems with your own and climax your opponents! The last Owner standing is the winner!

Furoticon exists to introduce people to artists they may not have known about before. Artist credit and URL is found at the bottom of every card to encourage people to explore the artists of Furoticon.


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