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(Jul 8th, 2009)
Post-Anthrocon Report!
      by Seppel

Anthrocon was a blast! There were people playing Furoticon in the Tabletop Gaming room and the Zoo at all hours of the days!

I got to meet Blitzava, Nateday, and Seely! Lazzydragon was there too, hiding in Artist's Alley, but I couldn't find her! I was also told Nek0gami was there but I never had a chance to find him, either.

Missing Deck Found
The deck I brought to challenge people to win Seppel cards went missing Friday night, but it mysteriously reappeared Monday morning. For anyone who was worried about seeing a number of Seppel cards on auction sites, don't worry, they're all with me again. :)

I made a few decks on the fly to challenge people. There was an awesome 4-player game that I played in on Sunday night (I forgot your names, sorry!). I used a Female / Otherkin deck and played against players using modified Herm, Male, and Female decks. The player using the Herm deck went down after making a few mistakes with spending her AP, and the Male deck followed shortly after. The player using the Female deck played fiercely, and I took over 150 SP away from him and he still didn't go down! In the end, I had my black book misplaced and Titties! came down, but alas, it was 3 turns too late, and my big Otherkin were swinging in alongside my Pools of Arousal to take him down.

I gave them each a free booster pack for letting me play in such a fun game. :)

Does anyone have any photos of Furoticon being played? I only got a few pics (click to enlarge):

Atticus (Left) and Kaji (Right) sitting down for a game.

Atticus and Kaji again, alsong with some other people in the foreground.

MageTorment (Front) is in the process of dominating Seppel with Evil Anon and Blayze, while PocketFox plays in the background.

Seppel manning the booth. You may notice that the Furoticon logo had to be blacked out on the tablecloth. Anthrocon does not like the word "erotic" or derivatives of the word to be displayed on tables, so we had to hide it from view. The programming director of Further Confusion came up to my table and said that I wouldn't have to cover up the name if I came to Further Confusion. :)

The hat I wore during the con will now be part of my regular con attire, because people didn't recognize me without it on!

We censored a lot of things for our table. :)

This was an awesome combo I saw. Idara was swinging. Jem put out. Jem was at 7 SP and hadn't orgasmed once yet. The player who was swinging played Vanilla Playtime on Jem, followed by Open Wide. This caused Jem to lose her Multi-Orgasmic skill, then orgasm, making her not come back into play!

Here's the 4-player game played on Sunday night from my perspective. I had a very slow start, with tons of Female GP and a hand full of Otherkin cards. A lot of hilariously out-of-context phrases were said during the game, none of which I can remember, sadly. At one point we decided to count how many tits were in play. The answer: 56. Junkyard Rottweiler came into play during the game, and she was Eager, Generous, Greedy, Frigid to Males and Herms, Tireless, had Lure 3, and Multi-Orgasmic 10 and 5! Yikes! The only thing that made her balanced was the Green Robot in play on my side, which made her Shy as well. Phew!

How-to-play Panel
Over 60 people showed up on Friday night to learn how to play Furoticon! There were so many people wanting to play that we had to move to a bigger room to handle everyone! Due to the high attendance, We just went ahead and lent out decks for people to play with instead of holding a structured panel.

The tournament was great! 21 players competed on Friday night. It lasted until 3:30 AM with the top two drawing and splitting a prize of 19 booster packs each!

Congrats to Kelix, Houshou, Atticus, and Wrench for making it to the top 4 (and extra props to Wrench for making it there with an unmodified Female starter deck!)

In the top 4, Wrench's unmodified Female starter deck fell to Kelix's harem, while Atticus played Houshou in a long game where Houshou played Leashed Servant, completely shutting down Atticus's strategy of finishing Houshou with Raise a Tail. Houshou's Female deck broke through Atticus's Herm harem to take the win! It was very late after that, so Houshou and Kelix decided to draw in the finals and split the top prize. Wrench and Atticus walked away with 5 booster packs each.

Thanks to everyone who played! Here are the final standings. 2 points are given for every win, 1 point for every draw, and 0 points for every loss.


Thanks to everyone who played and made Furoticon a success!

Next stop, Mephit Fur Meet: September 4 - 6 in Memphis, Tennessee!

For those of you who read this far, enjoy the Spoiler!

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