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(Jun 30th, 2009)
Everything you need to know about Furoticon at Anthrocon
      by Seppel

Come celebrate Furoticon's release with us at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA, July 2 - 5! Get cards, play games, trade cards, and compete in a tournament!

For reference, you can find out where I'll be, should you need me:

Most of my time will be spent manning the Dealer's table during the day, then in the evening, I'll be in the Tabletop room to play some games of Furoticon with everyone! Anyone who wins a game against me will win a Seppel card!

But most importantly, you'll want to know where to get cards! Well, here's a handy map for how to get from the entrance of the Dealer's Room to our table (labeled as Seppel Creations):

I hope to see and play against a bunch of you there! On that note, you might want to know about the tournament!

Tournament Notes
You NEED an event ticket to participate in a tournament, as there are generous prizes given out! Event tickets are available at the dealer's table. If you forget your event ticket, don't worry. All you need is a photo ID to verify yourself and we can look up your ticket for you.

This tournament will be a casual environment focusing on teaching new players how to play Furo. If you don't know the rules, there is a how-to-play panel before the tournament to help you learn the basics. I, Seppel, will be there to answer rules questions, solve disagreements, and make judgments. Simply raise your hand and call for me and I'll assist! Above all, have fun!

If you don't have any Furo cards (shame on you!), you can still play! Starter decks will be provided to anyone who needs one, but you'll have to return them after the tournament is over.

Your deck must be exactly 40 cards in size, and have no more than 3 copies of a card except for Home Havens, which have no limit.

Players will be paired up for one-on-one duels for each round. There will be 1 game per round. If both players are playing with unmodified starter decks, players start the game with 25 Max SP. Otherwise, players start the game with 50 Max SP. Normal Furoticon rules apply to all games.

There will be 2 to 5 rounds of swiss, cutting to the top 2, 4, or 8, based on attendance. There must be at least 4 players attending for the tournament to be held (we already had 3 sign up during preorders). There is an attendance cap of 24.

Rounds will be 40 minutes long. If a round is not over after 40 minutes, players will have 5 turns to win before the round is declared a draw.

Prize Structure
Prizes are given in booster packs. You can trade in 4 booster packs for 1 starter deck.

4 or 5 PLAYERS (2 rounds of swiss, cut to top 2)
1st: 8 packs
2nd: 4 packs

6 or 7 PLAYERS (2 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4)
1st: 10 packs
2nd: 6 packs
3rd: 1 pack
4th: 1 pack

8 - 11 PLAYERS (3 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4)
1st: 12 packs
2nd: 6 packs
3rd: 3 packs
4th: 3 packs

12 - 15 PLAYERS (3 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4)
1st: 20 packs
2nd: 8 packs
3rd: 4 packs
4th: 4 packs

16 - 23 PLAYERS (4 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4)
1st: 28 packs
2nd: 10 packs
3rd: 5 packs
4th: 5 packs

24 PLAYERS (5 rounds of swiss, cut to top 8)
1st: 32 packs
2nd: 16 packs
3rd: 8 packs
4th: 8 packs
5th: 2 packs
6th: 2 packs
7th: 2 packs
8th: 2 packs

See you there!

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