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(Jul 17th, 2012)
FGW2012 SNESLympics results!
      by Seppel

We had lots of fun old-school video games for everyone to play, plus Wii games!

Among the casual fun, it took the combined efforts of Nikomaru, Tsumi, Snowstorm, and I to complete the "good" ending of Bubble Bobble.

We did not attempt "Super Bubble Bobble" after struggling through regular Bubble Bobble.

Also at FGW2012, there were six Super Nintendo challenges that players could compete in, called the SNESLympics. Each competitor gets 1 point, plus 1 point for each other competitor s/he beats or ties. Highest points wins!

Challenge 1: Super Bomberman / Super Bomberman 2
Goal: Beat Seppel in a 4-player 3-win match!
Rules (Bomberman 1): Stages 1, 5, 8, and 12 only.
Rules (Bomberman 2): Stages 1, 5, 6, 8, and 9 only. No golden bomber.
Scoring: Number of matches attempted. Lowest score wins.

1st [2 point]: Someguy: 3 attempts
2nd [1 points]: Tsumi: 4 attempts

Many people tried, but only Someguy and Tsumi were lucky enough to best me. :)

Challenge 2: Super Metroid
Goal: Collect as many upgrades as you can in 10 minutes!
Rules: Load up the saved game in slot C. You already have the morphing ball, bomb, and 3 missile upgrades. Exit the save room, go up, and bomb to the left to start collecting upgrades. Do not save the game!
Scoring: Number of upgrades. Highest score wins.

1st [2 points]: Seppel: 11 upgrades
2nd [1 point]: Justin: 3 upgrades

I thought more people would attempt this challenge! I died on the way to the Ice Beam.

Challenge 3: Mega Man X
Goal: Beat as many bosses as you can in 20 minutes!
Rules: Enter the password 5385 / 7136 / 6321 to skip the intro level.
Scoring: Number of bosses defeated. Highest score wins.

1st [4 points]: Tsumi: 5 bosses defeated
2nd [3 points]: Reaver: 3 bosses defeated
3rd [2 points]: Mechsae: 2 bosses defeated
4th [2 points]: Seppel: 2 bosses defeated

Tsumi ravaged everyone with his extensive knowledge of which stages affect other stages. Nobody came close to matching him.

Challenge 4: Zombies Ate my Neighbors
Goal: Save all 10 neighbors in Stage 1 as fast as possible!
Rules: Start a new game. Two-player action allowed!
Scoring: Fastest time wins.

1st [5 points]: Tsumi: 24 seconds
2nd [4 points]: Sigmund & Andrew: 25 seconds
4th [2 points]: Seppel: 26 seconds
5th [1 point]: Someguy: 28 seconds

And I thought 26 seconds was fast!

Challenge 5: The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
Goal: (Attempt to) beat Felina!
Rules: Load up the saved game in slot 3. Go left, up the bridges, then to the right and through the door. Do not save the game!
Scoring: Most damage dealt (in full cloves).

Spike McFang is an adorable game about a vampire who eats tomatoes. It's also brutally hard at the beginning. Felina is the first boss of the game. With mind-numbing level-grinding, she isn't too hard to defeat, but I dropped the players in on her with a low level and only two healing items.

1st: [8 points]: Taz: All 8 cloves
1st: [8 points]: Andrew: All 8 cloves
3rd: [6 points]: Seppel: 7 cloves
4th: [5 points]: Tsumi: 2 cloves
4th: [5 points]: Reaver: 2 cloves
6th: [3 points]: Someguy: 1 clove
6th: [3 points]: Callista: 1 clove
6th: [3 points]: Sigmund: 1 clove

This challenge was the most played challenge of FGW. Everyone wanted to beat the catgirl boss. After dozens upon dozens of deaths, Taz finally defeated Felina. A few attempts later, Andrew found out that her weak point is standing behind her and attacking relentlessly. Congrats to you two!

Challenge 6: Mario Paint
Goal: Draw something amazing for in 30 minutes!
Rules: Seppel will post all entries to Saturday night.
Scoring: Judges will be people who could not attend FGW.

The final challenge was Mario Paint. Last year we had a lot of people compete, so I brought the challenge back. Unfortunately, this year we had only one entry, so no judging was required. Nikomaru wins this challenge!

1st: [1 point]: Nikomaru

"FGAwesome" by Nikomaru

Final ranking!

1st: [16 points]: Tsumi - wins 3 booster packs!
2nd: [12 points]: Andrew - wins 2 booster packs!
3rd: [8 points]: Taz - wins 1 booster pack!
3rd: [8 points]: Reaver - wins 1 booster pack!
3rd: [8 points]: Seppel
6th: [7 points]: Sigmund
7th: [5 points]: Someguy
8th: [3 points]: Callista
9th: [2 points]: Mechsae
10th: [1 point]: Nikomaru
10th: [1 point]: Justin

Congratulations to everyone who entered the challenges!

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Emeraldkestrel on Jul 17th, 2012 @ 06:36 PM
I so want to go to this next year.

Drex on Jul 17th, 2012 @ 02:16 PM
Awesome haha. Seems like a lot of fun. If I can make it next year I'll bring some games and stuff I got. :P

HuskyRedz on Jul 17th, 2012 @ 01:23 PM
SNESlympics sounds like a ton of crazy fun.

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