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(Jun 24th, 2012)
The Owners of Tanglebrook: Taneka, Somn, and Inogh
      by Seppel

Tanglebrook is gradually hitting the masses in mass quantities! We've managed to ship out 50% of all of the preorders so far, with more going out this Monday.

As new and returning players will notice, there are three new Owner cards in Tanglebrook. Owner cards are a representation of you in the game, and they have no effect on gameplay... or wait. Do they?

First, let's take a look at an Owner card from Triskelion:

Pen Jiri kneels at the throne.

Fel Onin's card contains pretty imagery and a reminder of the stats in the game, but that's all.

And you know, those stats seem to take up a lot of room on the card. We could probably slim them down somehow and even add a bit of flavor text!

Hmm... if we get Nikomaru to work out a few pretty icons for us...


Taneka, Somn, and Inogh are the first Owners to use the new format of the Owner cards, and by explaining them, I'm definitely going to give out some hints about what you're going to see in the future.

Ah, I might as well! They're already explained on the starter deck instruction cards, anyway.

The four gender symbols in the top right corner mean you can have in your deck any of the four genders (male, female, hermaphrodite, and otherkin).
Cards in Black Book (your deck). A normal deck in Furoticon has 40 cards. The +0 means the Tanglebrook owners' deck size stays at 40.
Starting Cards in Hand. To start playing, shuffle your deck and deal yourself 6 cards. If you don't like your opening hand, you can "mulligan" once by putting those cards at the bottom of your deck and drawing a new opening hand with 1 less card. Choose who goes first, then the game begins.
Maximum Cards in Hand. If you have more than 7 cards in your hand at the end of your turn, you have to discard down to 7. Discarded cards go to a face-up, out-of-play pile called your "couch."
Stamina Bonus. Start with 25 stamina if you're playing with starter decks, or 50 stamina if you've customized your decks. This is also your maximum stamina - you can't go higher than this number. When a player reaches 0 stamina, s/he orgasms and is out of the game. If you're the last player standing, you win! The +0 means each of the Tanglebrook owners get no starting stamina bonus.
Action Points (AP) per turn. AP is your basic resource needed to perform actions in Furoticon. Gender Points (GP) are another resource required to play cards of a specific gender. You get more AP and GP from Haven cards. At the beginning of your turn (your refill step), you get rid of any remaining AP and GP you have, then you get 10 AP plus whatever your Havens give you. If you go first, get 5 AP on your first turn.

After refilling, you can refresh. During the game, your Furres and Treats will become exhausted (turned on their side). After your refill step comes your refresh step, where you have the option to spend 1 AP to refresh everything on your side. Then you go on to the last step, your main step.
AP Cost to Draw a Card. On your main step, you can pay to draw cards by spending 5 AP for each card you want to draw from your black book. In addition to drawing cards, you can play cards (by paying their AP and GP cost in the upper-right hand corner), you can enter bed (once per turn), and you can end your turn.
AP Cost to Swing with a Furre. To win a game of Furoticon, you want your Furres to enter bed and pleasure your opponent. You spend 1 AP per Furre you want to swing with and exhaust those Furres. A Furre can't swing the turn it comes into play, and exhausted Furres can't enter bed.
AP Cost to put out with a Furre. To avoid taking pleasure from swinging Furres, you can put out with any of your Furres by spending 1 AP per Furre.

And now you know all about the new owner cards! Not only are they more compact without sacrificing any art space, but they teach you almost everything you need to know to get started playing a game of Furoticon!

With that being said, I'm sure you know exactly where our minds are going for the 5th Furoticon set. Curious about what the next Furoticon set is going to be about? Sorry, but you're going to have to wait a while before we reveal that!


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KuragariOokami on Jul 2nd, 2012 @ 02:54 AM
I'm in love with Taneka O: such awesome art!

muffinVIAGRA on Jun 29th, 2012 @ 10:05 AM
Wow, that is quite an improvement

Seppel on Jun 26th, 2012 @ 11:18 AM
@Trefold: Because at some day in the future, they will have an effect in the game. :)

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