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(Jun 12th, 2012)
Quelling the Lutani: Otter Spring, Breathing Room, and Cai!
      by Seppel

Quell, quell, quell. Quell all the otters!

Otters in Tanglebrook are known for having long passionate make-out sessions, followed by long passionate sex, and then some much-needed naps before the sex can continue!

Otter Spring lets your otters get a catnap each turn, gaining 1 stamina at the beginning of your turns. Lazy Nel and Jama are making good use of their privacy!

Sometimes, though, a simple spring isn't enough, especially if you've been out and about, licking and sucking for a good hour or so. In that case, you need to take a step back from the action and get some Breathing Room to yourself:

Here we have a common card with five skills, so let's take a moment to look at this one in detail. (You can tell a card's rarity by looking at the color in the bottom-right corner. White is common, green is uncommon, blue is starter-only, and gold is rare!)

First off, Alter a Furre means you simply put this card on a Furre in play.

Next, Altered Furre can't swing or put out and its activated skills can't be played means the Furre you've altered is out of commission, completely. It can't enter bed, neither to swing nor put out, and if it has any activated skills (e.g. Packrat's skill), it can't use those either! This is an excellent card to play on one of your opponent's Furres.

After that, we have, Altered Furre gets +3 stamina during your refill step. So at the beginning of your turn, that Furre gets an extra 3 stamina (up to its max stamina, which is the number printed on the card).

Finally, we get to the most important skill of Breathing Room: Pay 2 AP and 1 Female GP: Attach Breathing Room to target Furre you control, or eliminate Breathing Room. So you have two choices with this skill: You can either move Breathing Room to one of your own Furres, or get rid of Breathing Room. Why would you want to put it on one of your own Furres? Because each turn, that Furre gets +3 stamina! You can move Breathing Room around your harem, bringing them back to full stamina. Once you're done with it, you can get rid of it!

It's a very useful card, and if you manage to get one in your sealed packs this weekend, I highly recommend you put it in your deck.

On the topic of highly-recommended cards, I bring you Cai:

Cai's willpower is unmatched. Unless someone brings him to orgasm on his journey, he will not stop. Yes, Cai goes back up to 20 stamina every time he swings by himself!

One-on-one, a swinging Cai will go through every wolf, rat, and dragon in Tanglebrook!

Outlast your opponents with the Lutani otters!

Tribes of Tanglebrook will be released June 15th at Anthrocon! Preorder now!

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Jackofhearts on Jul 20th, 2012 @ 05:37 PM
Ohhh! Cait is cute. :3 I'll definitely give the otters a close look when I built a deck upon my start!

IceWulf on Jul 20th, 2012 @ 04:24 AM
Otters are sexy and sneaky, i love that

KuragariOokami on Jul 2nd, 2012 @ 02:55 AM
From someone just learning, Otters seem overpowered!

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