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(Jun 8th, 2012)
Alphus Intimidation: Call of the Wolves, Red Leader Trum
      by Seppel

The Alphus wolves like to intimidate their foes, but we're going to focus on their other advantage today: pack mentality.

Call of the Wolves is a fairly standard Action you'll see in the Alphus' repertoire. Send out the smoke signal and they'll come to you! Three token Furres is a lot all at once, and the Wolves of Tanglebrook Starter Deck will keep you prepared to put them into play:

So you get three wolves from Call of the Wolves, but they are rather weak and easy to orgasm. Thankfully, the leaders of the Alphus packs know how to put their betas to good use:

Trum brings in three more Otherkin wolves with him, and he can put them to use immediately! Normally, you can't exhaust a Furre on the turn it comes into play, but that only applies to its own personal skills that have the exhaust symbol (). It's perfectly fine for Trum to exhaust the group right away!

With 6 wolves on your side, you could draw two cards every turn without paying more than 1 AP to refresh them all!

Intimidate your foes with the wolves of Tanglebrook!

Tribes of Tanglebrook will be released June 15th at Anthrocon! Preorder now!

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Otlan on Jun 9th, 2012 @ 07:28 PM
Hmmmm...Not sure how well something like this would work out...While haveing a bunch of Sheilds is nice, Unless you get lucky, I don't think being able to draw two cards is that Advintages.

sirdan87 on Jun 9th, 2012 @ 02:52 PM
Interesting way to rally your furrs and to overrun your opponent. Fear in the number of wolves coming at you all at once! An excellent card to help boost for wolves. Nice addition.

Crimsonred on Jun 9th, 2012 @ 01:24 AM
Imagine that with Canine Central... *shudders*

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