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(May 26th, 2012)
Rules Primer: Intimidate
      by Seppel

Today, let's see just how intimidating wolves of Tanglebrook can get.

Art by Noha

The Rowdy Scouts are the first-ever card of its kind -- a Furre that is actually two Furres! And they're both Intimidating! Remember, Intimidating means, "When this Furre swings, you may have target Furre cost :1: more to put out this turn."

In other words, when you swing with an Intimidating Furre, you can choose to raise the cost your opponent needs to pay to put out with a certain Furre by 1 AP. Each Intimidating Furre you put in bed means an extra 1 AP your opponent has to spend! And on top of that, you get to choose which Furre's cost increases!

So how does this work? Well, when you play the Rowdy Scouts, as long as they don't get denied by an opponent, they'll come into play, and their "comes into play" skill will trigger, bringing in the second Furre.

That second Furre is smaller, but no less intimidating! But what is a token Furre? A token Furre is a Furre that isn't actually a card in your deck. It's an extra Furre.

How do you represent a token Furre? We have just the thing for you!

Art by Mearu

These token cards are identified by having no cost in the upper-right corner (meaning they can't be played nor put into a deck). They also have a "T" in the bottom right corner to represent that they're a token card.

The number of cards in Tanglebrook just keeps increasing!

Tribes of Tanglebrook will be available June 15th! Preorder now!

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Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 07:01 AM
Tokens are gonna be awesome, though I guess if you're gonna use the actual token-cards you'll need to keep a seperate pile of them besides your regular deck.

Moriarty on Jun 5th, 2012 @ 01:46 PM
Tokens! definitely will help with the game play.

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