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(May 24th, 2012)
Alphus Intimidation // Preorders open tonight!
      by Seppel

The Alphus are masters of intimidation, whether it be through their physical strength or mystical powers.

Let's take a look at the mystical side of things today.

Art by SilentRavyn

An Alphus Shaman can summon frightening spirits of the past, which can intimidate bedfellows. For a cost of 2 Action Points (AP) and 1 Male Gender Point (GP), the shaman will attempt to frighten an opposing Furre, and he can do this multiple times in a single turn, as long as you can pay for it!

Normally it costs 1 AP for a Furre to put out. If you make the shaman Intimidating, you can raise that cost on a single Furre to 2 AP. If he's Intimidating twice, you can make two Furres cost 1 AP to put out, or one Furre cost 3 AP to put out! Either way, your opponent's resources are going to be drained as your Intimidating army grows!

Intimidate your foes with the wolves of Tanglebrook! Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders open tonight at 11:59 PM EST! Dying to know what's going to be available? Take a peek at the ordering page!

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1 comment:

Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 07:24 AM
Love the artwork on this; very well-done, particularly on the shading. Also love the dreamcatcher style of the pendant.

And my oh my, is Intimidating gonna be fun.

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