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(May 23rd, 2012)
Rules Primer: Shapeshift
      by Seppel

So let's get into detail about Shapeshifters!

Art by Marc Leonhardt

Handyman has a Shapeshift cost of 2 AP. That means that at nearly any time, you may spend 2 AP to change what species Handyman is. You can only choose one species, and Handyman will stop being all other species for the rest of the turn. Shapeshifting doesn't require the Furre to exhaust, so you can shapeshift multiple times per turn, provided you have the AP to do so.

Shapeshifters in Tanglebrook either support the other tribes, or hinder them. Handyman supports dragons and otters with his two other skills. If you have any dragons in play, Handyman becomes Tireless, meaning he doesn't exhaust when swinging. If you have any otters in play, Handyman becomes Generous, which means he gives pleasure in bed first. In the artwork, he's generously giving Cai a handjob!

Now, it may seem like that's all there is to Handyman, but what happens if you don't have any otters or dragons? You can still get his bonuses! Simply shapeshift him into a dragon or an otter, and suddenly you will fulfill the requirements of his skills, and make him Tireless or Generous! Watch out for him!

We've seen a way that shapeshifters can support the other tribes. Now let's look at a way they can hinder other tribes!

Let's say your opponent is controlling Handyman and an otter. The four points of Generous pleasure that Handyman gives can be devastating depending on the circumstances. Let's get rid of that otter in the easiest way possible.

Art by Dare

That's no otter, that's a cephalopod!

Sudden Shift will allow you to change the species of any Furre in play. Other species-changing effects can further change it, but by playing Sudden Shift on the otter, your opponent will have to find a solution to his lack of otters.

This can be as simple as shapeshifting Handyman himself, but that means your opponent needs to save 3 AP instead of 1 AP to put out with a Generous Handyman. It may not seem like a big difference, but stretching your opponent's resources thin is a great way to win at Furoticon!

Surprise your opponents with the sneaky shapeshifters - Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders begin May 25th!

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1 comment:

Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 07:30 AM
Cai looks so cute in the Handyman picture! I wouldn't mind being in his shoes. Or in the Handymans, for that matter.

And I've got to say: Sudden Shift has great artwork. And I imagine a good way of dealing with enemies would be to transform them into species that show up in other parts of Furoticon, but not Tanglebrook. Maybe Elephants or Skunks.

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