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(May 22nd, 2012)
Shapeshifting Skaema
      by Seppel

In the world of Tanglebrook, a Skaema can only shapeshift into someone that s/he has brought to orgasm.

That's a little too much memorization for a card game, so we'll make it easier on you!

Art by Mahsroh

Shapeshift is a very straightforward skill: pay the shapeshifting cost, and your Furre will transform into any Furre type you want, be it wolf, otter, lion, rat, dragon, or even cephalopod!

As the Envoy, Muto has been around the tribes and knows how each of them tick. In this art, shi is currently transforming from a lion to an otter to better please the Camp Overseer. Shi also can vary hir PEs by transforming into a rat or a wolf! You'll never be caught with low PEs with Envoy Muto on your side!

Surprise your opponents with the sneaky shapeshifters - Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders begin May 25th!

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1 comment:

Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 08:15 AM
Something tells me Mahsroh also did the art for Spitting Kitty back in 1st Vanilla.

*checks in big ol' binder o' Furoticon*

Called it. Also, nice to see Shapeshifters becoming a major race, and by the looks of it it's gonna make for some very entertaining gameplay.

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