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(May 21st, 2012)
Rules Primer: Lure
      by Seppel

There's really nothing new to learn about the Lure skill itself. Instead, let's look at more ways that rats can exploit it!

Art by Nekostar

First off, Tailraiser is Tireless, which means she doesn't get exhausted when she swings.

Second, Tailraiser Lures 3, which means up to 3 Furres must put out when she swings.

Finally, Tailraiser is so happy to please that she forgets about her own pleasure when she's in the center of an orgy! If Tailraiser fulfills her goal of luring 3 Furres into bed, she will be immune to all pleasure for the rest of the turn!

That can get pretty powerful, especially with more rats on your side. Eventually you may find yourself with so many rats on your side that you could be spending over half your AP in a turn just to swing with your rats!

Spending a lot of AP like that can slow down your advance on your opponent. So what do you do? You advance on your opponent!

Art by Hebrew

Making all your rats Dominant means that they all cost 1 AP less to swing. It normally costs 1 AP to swing with a Furre. Therefore, you don't have to spend any AP to swing! This will free up your resources to do all sorts of mayhem, including bringing more rats into play!

Cause chaos with the rats of Tanglebrook -- Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders begin May 25th!

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1 comment:

Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 08:18 AM
Both of these look great, and of course they make for a great combo. Is that an Alphus village the rats are plundering?

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