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(May 20th, 2012)
Murodian Allure
      by Seppel

Who can resist an alluring Tanglebrook rat? Nobody, especially if said rat is wiggling its ass at you and is planning to steal your stuff!

Art by Lintu

Lure is an already existing skill. Lures [X] means "When this Furre swings, up to [X] Furres must put out if possible."

In other words, if your opponent has refreshed Furres and the AP to put them into bed, you opponent must put as many as possible into bed, up to the Lure value.

Rats in Tanglebrook exploit the Lure skill. Snatchstuffer makes at least 2 Furres put out. What happens if shi does? Shi steals a treat right from under your opponent's nose! And not just once, but every time two Furres take hir on!

Cause chaos with the rats of Tanglebrook -- Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders begin May 25th!

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1 comment:

Schmuck_Noir on Jun 7th, 2012 @ 08:11 AM
Love the way you're expanding on Lure here. And love the sly look on the rats face.

Also, you have no idea how much I'm resisting a "Don't get tied into a knot." joke right now.

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