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(May 19th, 2012)
Rules Primer: Hibernate
      by Seppel

Let's get into detail about the new draconic skill, Hibernate!


Are you ready for a big definition? Don't worry, we'll hold your hand.

Hibernate for [X] - [Cost] means "You may play this card for [Cost]. If you do, it comes into play with [X] dream counters on it. Remove a dream counter from it during your refill step. As long as it has a dream counter on it, if it's a Furre it can't swing or put out, and if it's a Treat or Haven it has no skills, and if it's an Alteration it can still Alter an object."

Just like a dragon cock, that's a mouthful! Let's start off easy:

Hibernate is an easier way to play dragon cards. Dragons that can Hibernate have a Hibernate cost, which is almost always cheaper than the regular cost to play the card.

Hibernate makes your dragon Furres sleep for a while. At the beginning of each of your turns, you'll remove a dream counter from every hibernator you control. While asleep, your Furres can't swing or put out, but they can still use their skills!

Art by AcidaPluvia

Tunnelbider is normally very expensive, but thankfully she has a cheaper Hibernate cost! Tunnelbider will sleep for a long time, but she can still work her magic at any time to reduce a Furre's PEs! She's Female, but her skill requires an Otherkin point each time you want to use it. You don't have to put Otherkin points into your deck, but they do give you more skills to use!

Finally, Hibernate can be found on Treats and Actions, too! Treats and Actions that Hibernate have no skills until they're done Hibernating, with one exception: Treats that are Alterations can still alter objects like normal.

Let's look at an example:

Art by Tryst Entangled

Prolonging Pendant is a very powerful Treat that extends the longevity of its wearer by adding 20 extra stamina to a Furre! A Furre with 5 out of 5 stamina will go up to 25 out of 25 stamina. A Furre with 10 out of 15 stamina will go up to 30 out of 35 stamina. That's an incredible increase!

Playing Prolonging Pendant is nearly as expensive as Tunnelbider, but it too has a cheap Hibernate cost. If you play the pendant via Hibernation, you'll attach it to a Furre in play, then put 7 dream counters on the pendant. Your Furre is still awake and can swing and put out, but the pendant's power hasn't activated yet. Unfortunately, if your Furre orgasms before the pendant is done Hibernating, both the pendant and the Furre will go to your couch.

However, after 7 turns, the pendant will awaken and instantly give your Furre the bonus it was storing!

Sounds powerful? It is!

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