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(May 18th, 2012)
Waking the Drachin
      by Seppel

Many Tanglebrook residents swear they've seen dragons. Few are telling the truth.

Why aren't dragons seen more often? While the Drachin are wise, powerful, and elusive, they also enjoy long naps.

Scorchcrag is cranky when he wakes up.

Art by Slug

Hibernate is a new skill native to dragons in Tanglebrook! Scorchcrag is one of many dragons who will happily sleep for a while before getting his lust sated. Instead of paying the expensive cost in the upper-right corner of the card (9 action points and 3 Otherkin points), you can instead play him by paying the cheaper Hibernate cost (4 action points and 1 Otherkin point). Place 6 dream counters on Scorchcrag. That means he'll be sleeping for 6 turns. While he's sleeping, he can't swing or put out, but his skills still work! At the beginning of your turn, you'll remove 1 dream counter. When all the dream counters are removed, he'll wake up!

As an added bonus, Scorchcrag also has a skill that lets you draw a card when you remove the last dream counter from him!

While that bonus is nice, you might be wondering - why would you want to spend your resources on a card that does nothing for 6 turns? First off, the cheaper cost to play the card is always an advantage for you. As long as you can withstand your opponent for 6 turns, the benefit almost always outweighs the initial cost. Secondly, the cheaper cost is more versatile, allowing you to play him on your second turn. You might not be able to get 3 Otherkin points very easily, especially if you're running a multi-gender deck! And finally, hidden around Tanglebrook you'll find bonuses for having sleeping Furres!

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