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(May 17th, 2012)
Rules Primer: Quell
      by Seppel

It's time to get down and dirty with the otters' new skill, quell. Technically, quell isn't a skill - it's an action. It's something that happens to a Furre.

Quell means "This Furre's stamina becomes equal to its max stamina." In simpler terms, "It gets full stamina." A Furre with 5 out of 15 stamina left will be quelled back to 15 out of 15 stamina. Even a Furre with 1 out of 30 stamina left will be quelled back to 30 out of 30 stamina!

Yesterday, we saw how well Koali can handle himself. Let's take a look at another Furre that can be quelled.

Art by KKMcK

Usually, otters enjoy playing amongst themselves, but on a few occasions, one will stray from its tribe to seek exotic delights.

Knotgripper is especially good at taking the knot -- he gives 4 extra pleasure each time he pleasures a wolf. For example, a male wolf would take 6 pleasure from him instead of the normal 2! On top of that, if he brings any Furre to orgasm, then he will regain all his stamina (as long as he doesn't orgasm in the process)! Even if he's brought down to 1 stamina, he's just not satisfied if his partner orgasms before him. He'll go back to a full 15 stamina!

But if he's down to 1 stamina, he's almost guaranteed to orgasm the next time he enters bed. What do you do then? The answer is simple: let him rest at a riverhouse!

Art by A_Blue_Deer

Here's the Riverhouse Attendant (initially previewed May 5th). She helps all your throbbing otter boys get back on their feet to do some more thrusting! Her skill will give any Furre 2 extra stamina each turn, for the cheap price of 1 action point, 1 Female point, and exhausting her. Now, +2 stamina per turn might not sound like a lot, but if you have two or three attendants in play on your side, Knotgripper is recovering +6 stamina per turn, which is a significant advantage for your harem!

And this is just one of many ways the otters of Tanglebrook work together to win!

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