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(May 16th, 2012)
Quelling the Lutani
      by Seppel

The Lutani enjoy their recreational time, and they are exceptionally skilled at making sure those long passionate moments don't end too soon. Even the most easily pleased otters pace themselves.

Quell is a new skill that the Lutani otters have mastered. For fulfilling certain conditions, these otters can outlast the competition!

Art by Luckypan

Koali is a cute little otter who only costs 2 action points and 1 Male point to play. That's very inexpensive (you get 10 action points per turn), and he can be played on your second turn (your first turn being spent playing a Haven that gives you a Male point each turn).

If you look at his stats in the lower left, you see that he only has 5 stamina (the heart icon is stamina -- ), which means it doesn't take a lot of pleasure to make him orgasm. Then below that is how much pleasure he gives in bed to each of the four genders: 1 pleasure to Males, 1 to Females, 3 to Herms, and 3 to Otherkin. Those values are called pleasuring experience, or PEs. PEs initially range from 0 to 10 (and they can go higher than that through Alterations), so as you can see, Koali can't give a lot of pleasure.

However, his advantage is in his good defensive skills. First off, he is Submissive. Normally, you need to spend 1 action point (AP) to put a Furre into bed. On offense, a Furre goes swinging. On defense, a Furre puts out. Essentially, Koali puts out for free, which means you don't have to save 1 AP to defend against your opponent's harem.

Finally, we get to the new ability: "During your refill step, if Koali has less than 5 stamina, quell him."

Your refill step is the beginning of your turn, so at the beginning of your turn, if Koali has lost any stamina (by taking pleasure), he goes back up to 5 stamina. In other words, if your opponent can't give 5 pleasure to Koali in a single turn, it's as if the pleasure never happened!

Suddenly it's pointless for your opponent to swing at you early on, and all you need to do is let Koali sit there looking pretty. Congratulations on dominating the early-game!

Outlast your opponents with the Lutani otters -- Tribes of Tanglebrook preorders begin May 25th!

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