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(May 15th, 2012)
Meet Inogh, the Fabled One!
      by Callista Skip

The Drachin do not have designated storytellers, like the other tribes. Their stories are told through their cave walls and treasure, through their memories and scars. Even the younger dragons understand that the stories do not need to be told to be remembered. The Drachin absorb knowledge through context and experience, and rarely waste words.

One name, though, from the depths of their history, is intoned from time to time, and requires enough explanation to invoke respect. Even the Drachin have an origin story, though no tribe has tried to explain it past, "They have always been."

Inogh, a fabled dragon from long enough ago that even the oldest dragon had never known him, created the Drachin from the elements around him - Earth, Air, Fire, Water. He wanted company, and a tribe to share his power with. It was from him that the Drachin first learned to use their skills, and the terrible consequences of taking on more than one can handle.

Art by Slug

Inogh was lost, it has been said, when he tried to create a new home for his tribe in the rocky mountain face of the Eastern Mountains -- it is due to his errors that the sheer bluffs now stand, the rubble around them having formed the foothills that the Skaema inhabit. The power he tried to wield was too great, and while ultimately the Drachin were capable of making the bluffs their home, it is a constant reminder for them to recognize their limitations.

Still, on calm summer nights, one can catch the low rumble of a roar too rough around the edges to be distant thunder, and that's when the oldest Drachin tease the younger ones, promising beating wings and fire like lava, falling from the skies.

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