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(May 14th, 2012)
Meet Somn, the High Shaman!
      by Callista Skip

Insight and foresight -- the Alphus Elders possess both and more. The system of town elders is made up of elder Shamans and retired generals, two forces equally powerful within the hierarchy of the Alphus tribe. Notoriously opinionated, the group was capable of forming an opinion on just about any tribal dispute brought to their attention.

The only person capable of bringing the town Elders to order is the High Shaman. Somn has ruled as the High Shaman for only the last few years, though he sat as a town Elder for several years prior. Everyone agreed that when Somn took the title, it was because the land had decreed it. Wise and calm, Somn reflected peace, even in a campfire blaze.

Art by ShinigamiGirl

Still, when the news of the Lutani pact reached the Alphus, Somn's plea for calm rationalization was overruled by a desire for action. His only son, Arn, was brought forth like a sacrifice for the pact. Soon, Somn found himself trying to control a tide of Alphus pride as the otters make their choice. No one, not even the High Shaman, could control the choices that were made next.

Guide Somn in the Tribes of Tanglebrook Starter Deck: Wolves of Tanglebrook, to spread wisdom and pleasure throughout Tanglebrook!

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