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(May 12th, 2012)
Meet Clutch Mother, the caregiver!
      by Callista Skip

Though young by dragon standards, the earth dragon Clutch Mother held one of the oldest jobs in her tribe. Protecting precious dragon eggs made her even more empathetic than most female dragons, giving her the ability to recognize truth from fiction, and earnest pleas from dramatic cries for help.

Art by AcidaPluvia

It is therefore in Cai's favor when he goes to the Drachin for help that he is immediately taken in under Clutch Mother's wing. She fights for him even when the bigger, louder dragons want to have their say.

Earth dragons are known for their grounded, good-hearted nature; air dragons, for their quick wit and ability to absorb knowledge; fire dragons for their fierce determination; and water dragons for their insight and foresight.

Between the four elements are corners -- dragons that have two elemental pulls -- and the Drachin benefit from every type. When they work together, the Drachin are a formidable force. But during the many long generations of passable peace in Tanglebrook, they have grown casual in the way they talk about the tribes. What was once handled like a delicate contract between protector and beneficiary had become more like a game of checkers.

Sketch by Zombieme, inks and colors by Sigil

The information brought to them by the Envoy every three years made the Drachin laugh, move their pieces around in the ways they predicted the tribes would react to one another, and then go about their business without a second thought.

It is this attitude that Cai confronts and finds he must change, against all odds.

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