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(May 11th, 2012)
Meet Muto, the Skaema Envoy!
      by Callista Skip

The Envoy was as old as any tribe could remember. Shi understood the inner workings of the tribe as well as any Elder, but could communicate effectively with even the most rowdy scout.

It was not often talked about, but many members of the tribe sometimes wondered what would happen when the Envoy passed on, and a new Skaema needed to be introduced to their culture and Elders. It seemed unthinkable, unless the Envoy had a protege waiting to step into hir place one day.

Art by mahsroh

The Haidar and Lutani Elders are excited to tell the Envoy about their pact, hoping that the Skaema will assure them of the dragons' acceptance and blessing. The Alphus, on the other hand, want to appeal to the Skaema to stop the foolish pact, thinking that Envoy would be able to dissuade the other tribes from the potential harm the pact would do between the Haidar and Alphus.

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