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(May 10th, 2012)
Meet Arn, the lover!
      by Callista Skip

No Alphus earns the right to wear a riviere. Instead, those who are gifted one come by their powers in ways that even the oldest storytellers cannot explain.

An Alphus riviere, worn on a corded necklace, and said to enhance and focus its wearer's spiritual power.

It is because of this understanding that not many people were surprised when it because apparent that the High Shaman's son, Arn, was not gifted. Many met the news with a shake of their head and a shrug. "I suppose he was meant for a different calling," they'd say.

And this was true. Arn was a brilliant strategist, but he was cocky and more interested in pursuing the pleasures in life. When he would site with his commanders and learn, though, his talent was clear.

Kanette found Arn one day as she was stalking a school of fish. The handsome wolf was taking a dip in a shallow pool near his camp. When they met eyes, it was clear to them that their lives would be changed forever.

Art by lazzydragon

Their trysts became more intense and harder to ignore -- Arn was sure he was falling in love, even as he couldn't keep his eyes off the other delectable treats around him. When news of the pact became public and he was offered up to marry Kanette, it seemed like both their dreams may come true.

But that changed when the Lutani Elders chose the Haidar over the Alphus. His hands tied by the protocols of his tribe, Arn could only fight for his love by the sidelines, unsure of how to feel -- or what to do.

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