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(May 9th, 2012)
Meet Onden, the suitor!
      by Callista Skip

To many of his peers, Onden was more suited for the Haidar army than the courts. A rugged male with a keen sense of smell and taste, Onden was a glutton for more than just food. His appetites were legendary in his tribe, and spoke of the luxuries rained upon him by his loving family.

Art by Raghan

The Haidar, by all accounts, value brains over brawn, but as the only son of Haidar's most prestigious Elder, Onden was something of an exception. He was smart enough about how to lure a female to his bed, or how to sneak an extra plate of food even when food was scarce, but he had no patience for strategy or judgement. His most valuable assets were his strength and accuracy with a spear, and so the Haidar found faith in his champion hunting ability.

When he learned that he may be in a position to marry Kanette, the lithe otter girl that he had met at functions he had been forced to attend, his cock made up his mind for him on how to feel about the matter.

Onden's story is cut off unfortunately short, and the trouble that follows will leave Tanglebrook changed forever.

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