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(May 8th, 2012)
Meet Kanette, the Elder's Daughter!
      by Callista Skip

Kanette lives a life of luxury as a Head Elder's oldest daughter, though she doesn't often take advantage of her status. Growing up in High Banks, the otter's permanent town, Kanette has never wanted for much, along with many of her peers and fellow tribe members.

Art by Waitress and Pixiescuplt
(If you're thinking Kanette looks familiar, you'll be pleased to know you're correct.
Originally featured in our 2nd Vanilla expansion, Kanette is back for a proper story line!)

Her job class is that of Hunter, meaning that she helps fish and gather food for her town. Taking great pride in her marksmanship, Kanette would often take a little pleasure in showing off to her less capable peers. She strives to be modest and kind, though, to stay in the footsteps of her mother, Taneka, one of the most beloved of the Lutani Elders.

There are issues that concern her though, that threaten that peace of mind -- issues she can't run from for long.

There has been talk brewing between the Haidar and Lutani Elders, and some have come to the decision that a more solid bond should be formed, by marrying off a son and daughter of their two tribes. When the Alphus heard of this plan, they became an immediate rival, offering up their own status in the jungle as worthy of joining forces. Marriage is largely symbolic within the tribes, an agreement between two parties that want a title on their relationship, rather than a sacred rite.

The Haidar offer up their most prestigious Elder's son, Onden, for marriage. The Alphus, their High Shaman's son, Arn. The Lutani have agreed on Kanette, overpowering Taneka's objections with their reasoning.

Kanette already loves Arn, and had been secretly meeting with him to do less modest things than she is known for whenever she could reasonably get away from the camp. The idea that she might marry him lifted her heart, for inter-tribal relationships were often looked down upon, at least when it is between Elders' offspring. She advocates for an Alphus pact at every turn.

Art by Kyma

But the Alphus prove to be too rash and warlike for the peaceful Lutani's taste. The Haidar are far more courteous and logical, a blend that compliments the Lutani's laid-back, modest attitude. The lions would provide just enough of an edge, the otters reason, without going too far over the top. Kanette, crushed, starts to make plans to run away with her lover, to leave some other prominent woman with the job of marrying Onden.

But before she could get away, Kanette was subject to the most serious of accusations -- murder. Onden was found dead in his tent, murdered in the early morning before the pact was officially decided. In the first blush of dawn, several lions witnessed an otter girl with purple hair and a wicked dagger rushing through camp, a sneer on her face. It was obviously Kanette, taking out the one person between her and Arn -- she who was so vocally against the Haidar pact.

This leads to events that would change her life forever, including the introduction of one otter boy who she had only barely noticed as she offered tips on spearing fish. Cai, the broad-shouldered otter boy, who came to her and swore that he would set her free.

Art by Cloudy-Kitty

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