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(May 7th, 2012)
Meet Cai, the brave little otter!
      by Callista Skip

Innocent and earnest, Cai of Timber Marsh is a strapping lad of 19. His camp, overseen by the Elder Makari, was only a short swim up the river to the only permanent otter town.

A born Trailblazer, Cai wielded his machete as an extension of his own body, creating neat watering holes wherever he was sent by the Waykeepers. He never needed for more than basic food, shelter, and the company of a few friends. His simple life was best suited for the lush green jungle of Tanglebrook, during a generation that had known very little hardship or want.

Art by Darkzel

The storytellers will be the first to tell you, of course, that it is during times like these that trouble is most easily bred. Cai's story starts down a course for change when the woman he secretly loves, the Head Lutani Elder's daughter Kanette, is accused of a most heinous crime, and he finds himself in a unique position to fix things. This journey starts with a long walk, punctuated by several strange happenings indeed.

The otters set up camps all along the river, though there were fewer camps in the Murodian territory than anywhere else. Not because the Murodians cheated them, but because it was harder to keep aspiring rats from vandalizing camps. Because of this spread-out way of handling river upkeep, most otters never had to travel more than a few miles from their home camp, and usually it was just to move camp from one shore to another when the waters rose during the rainy season.

Cai had heard of other camps from the more well-traveled River Guides, and so knew that if he just followed the river, he should find companions, or at least waystations to refuel. What he didn't realize is that a lone otter on foot was rare in most cases, certainly not expected by the locals in most territories. This leads him to experience some positions he had never practiced before at home.

Art by Mitti

Cai's goal is ultimately to find the Drachin. He had often dreamed about finding them, and when he wasn't cutting vines, he was watching the sky, wishing he could see one fly overhead. He had decided that they were the answer to all of the issues that had befallen Kanette and his tribe. His plan was to march up the mountain and demand to be heard.

Once past the Murodians and their form of generosity, Cai manages to find a way past Bottomswell, worried that he wouldn't know how to handle the Skaema. Having only ever seen the Envoy in passing, it had always made him feel unnerved at how they changed forms at will, and was worried at how they might steal his form, having never fully understood what went into their changing.

Art by Mahsroh

Still, his travels wouldn't end at the Drachin, only truly start there, and Cai would come to understand the Skaema - among many other things - intimately before he returned home to help those he set out for.

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