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(May 1st, 2012)
Meet the Tribes of Tanglebrook: The Drachin!
      by Callista Skip

Tanglebrook is made up of a dense jungle, several lush fields, and a broad river with many tributaries.

The mountains to the East of Tanglebrook are home to the legendary founders of Tanglebrook's history. Though storytellers' tales and the ghost stories mothers tell naughty children hold some truth, no one in Tanglebrook's current generation can claim to actually have seen a member of the Drachin tribe.

Art by Fishyboner

The five tribes that make the land their home know that it is by the grace of these generous founders that they are ultimately safe from whatever dangers the world outside of their stomping ground might hold. Through consistent contact with the Skaema tribe, the Elders of each tribe know that the dragons are looking after them.

Each tribe claims to be the Drachin's favorite, as if the dragons played some complex game that held each of them in the middle.

The Haidar lions allow their manes to grow long and thick, just like the maned dragon that blessed them at the beginning of their tribe's founding. The Alphus wolves wear necklaces that enhance the powers they say the Drachin blessed them with. The Murodian rats, their ability to move through the night with no sound, like wings moving through air. The Lutani otters, ever modest, assume the responsibility of taking care of the river through all of the tribes' territories, as they believe the Drachin bade them to do so long ago.

To hear each tribes' storyteller tell their history is to hear of hundreds of years of favoritism, with each of the other tribes being less gifted. The Drachin, it was obvious to all, must be vigilant over every small move the tribes made.

Art by Slug

And yet, no one was brave enough to go looking for the Drachin. The mountains were bordered by the Murodian tribe, which was reason enough to stay away. The stories tell of dragons bigger than even three of the largest Alphus pack leaders put together, of lithe serpents that slither through the air without wings, of tongues so quick, they'd make you dizzy just saying hello.

To have to meet with the Drachin means having to face obstacles that no member of Tanglebrook could imagine. Not only to scale the sheer face of Tew Bluffs, but to have to look such a creature in the eye and ask for help, no matter how desperate the plea -- it was unthinkable.

Art by AcidaPluvia

Ancient and wise, the tribes did what they could to continue to be worthy of their favor. And the stories continue to be passed on, from generation to generation, so that no one would forget how to be grateful.

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