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(Apr 27th, 2012)
Meeting Grizzwald, part 2
      by Seppel

Lily was putting the finishing touches of her makeup on when she heard a knock on the door. After a moment of subjective criticism in the mirror, the pink rabbit made her way out of her bathroom, across the dorm room, to the front door. Spying the visitor through the peephole, she grew wary upon seeing a large grizzly bear on the other side of the door. Leaving the chain lock on, she cracked open the door. He looked oddly out of place dressed in a business suit.

"Yes?" Lily asked cautiously.

The bear appeared to be caught off guard as well, staring at the pink rabbit who greeted her. "Is uh, your dorm buddy home?"

Hearing that, Lily's eyes lit up, and she smiled, unhooking the chain latch and opening the door to him. "You must be the guy he's seeing. Come on in."

The bear stepped in, looking at the familiar dorm for a moment before his eyes were fixed back on Lily, who was dressed in only a thin red negligee with matching red panties. Her nipples pressed against the soft fabric that was barely built for a bust her size. The bear couldn't stop staring at her hourglass figure to notice how she made her blonde hair fall seductively over one eye, or how her nails were painted pink. Breaking free from her entrancing figure, the bear followed up, finally meeting her eye-to-eye, "Ah, you've heard of me?"

Lily corrected him, "I've -heard- you. The walls are pretty thin here."

"Heh, I hope it wasn't too distracting." The bear invited himself in further, taking a seat on the couch that faced the small dorm kitchen, relaxing and keeping an eye on the attractive rabbit.

"Oh, don't worry about it. What I heard was pretty hot." Lily commented, heading to the kitchen and leaning over a chair at the round kitchen table. She eyed him, now. He was well-muscled, but she could tell that his office job had made him a little soft in the gut. "If he wasn't fucking my roommate," she thought, "I'd totally jump him right here and now." But he was, so she kept her hands to herself.

"Well, as long as you don't mind." The bear mused, changing the subject. "Speaking of hot, do you normally greet strangers in a negligee?"

Art by crystal-for-ever

Lily giggled and stood up straight, pacing the kitchen shyly, "No. I'm a bit of a camwhore, actually. I'm doing a private show for some guy in about 30 minutes." She paused and glanced at the oven clock, feeling a little too embarrassed now to make eye contact with the bear. Feeling like she had to be hospitable to break the self-induced ice, she opened a cabinet above her and pulled out a glass, "Care for a drink?"

The brown grizzly, oblivious to Lily's nervousness, kept himself occupied by staring at her plump ass. "I need to be back at the office in about an hour, so just some water." He wanted to know more about her as he watched her hips sway on the way over to the fridge to fill his glass, "So, do you enjoy being a camwhore?"

"It pays the bills, I get to touch myself, and sometimes I even get paid to tell some dude that he's got a small dick. It's crazy. Guys want me to do anything." She laughed, bringing the full glass to him.

"Thanks." He took a sip. "So it pays well?"

"Hell yeah it does!" Lily held up finger quotes as she continued, "I'm a 'poor starving college student' and check out what I was able to buy!" She tugged on the fabric of the negligee.

"Turn around for me," the bear requested. Lily spun around once in her negligee, letting the fabric lift in the breeze she created. The bear was absorbed once again by her hourglass shape. "Nice. Gorgeous figure-" he paused, prompting her.


The bear smiled. "Gorgeous figure, Lily." He leaned forward, looking up at her, "Have you ever thought of doing professional modeling?"

The rabbit looked off to the side, smiling in confusion, "Like, porn?"

The bear shook his head, "No, more like, product modeling." He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a business card, holding it out for her, "Here's my card. We need a spunky girl like you to model a new line of strap-ons, maybe a few vibrators."

Lily took the card and gave it a cursory glance, "Would I... get to keep the toys I modeled?"

The bear laughed, leaning back and resting his hands behind his head, "Of course!"

"Well," she looked back at the card for his name, "Grizzwald, I think I'll keep that in mind. Thank you." She smiled and nodded to the bear, spending a moment gazing at him.

"So when's the boy toy going to be back?" he asked.

She shrugged, "I dunno."

"Seems we've both got nothing to do," he commented slowly.

Lily pulled on a curl of her hair and began twisting it in her finger, "Yeah."

Grizzwald stretched, spreading his legs and pushing his hips forward, accenting the bulge that had formed in his crotch, "I know something we can do to pass the time."

Lily played dumb, but stepped toward him, knowing that he was here to fuck, "And what, exactly, would you like me to do with that?"

Grizzwald laughed, lowering his hands to undo his button and zipper, "I think you know." Wearing no underwear, the thick reddish flesh was easily visible, bent down into his pants. With one tug, he pried his cock from its confines, and it sprung up, hard and firm, causing Lily to stifle a moan. "In fact, I -know- you know, so get on your knees."

Lily was disarmed. She laughed. "You found me out." Dropping to her knees, she crawled toward him, nuzzling her figure between his firm legs, her heavy breasts giving her back a break as they snuggled against his thighs. "I just didn't think you were into girls," she admitted, looking up to him while running her arms up his thighs and around his waist.

The bear grabbed the base of his rigid cock and smacked it against her tits. He smiled widely as he made them ripple. "I'm into anyone who can handle my cock," he informed her.

Lily took this as a challenge. She lowered her head and broke eye contact with him. Before her, a few drops of precum glistened on her breasts, and the tip of his large erection was ready to give more. She brought her lips to his cockhead and flicked her tongue over the tip, sampling the sweet flavor of his precum. Her ears perked with excitement as she heard the bear moan above her, "Mmm... yeah, get a good taste of that cock. Let me see you rub that cunt, too."

She happily obliged, bringing one hand between her thighs to stroke against her moist folds, her stiff clit yearning for attention, which she delivered with small flicks of her finger, just as her tongue did the same with his cock.

She pushed her head forward, her jaw and lips stretching wide just to fit his girth inside her mouth. Grizzwald stretched and groaned while the bunny stroked his cock with her wet maw, "Ooh, fuck..."

After a few minutes of whispering obscenities to her, the bear looked down at her and noticed that she was only bobbing her head on half of his cock, feeling the tight entrance of her throat each time she went down on him. The grizzly teased her, "What's the matter, Lily, too big for you to handle?"

Lily's eyes shot up at him. After a quick inhale, the bunny pressed down firmly, gagging herself on his cock as she relaxed her throat. Then, after taking what felt like the largest swallow she had ever made, his cock sunk further into her mouth. Her neck bulged and her nose pressed up against his crotch.

"Fuck yes," Grizzwald growled. One hand quickly went to her head, holding her down firmly as he bucked into her throat over and over. Lily began gagging, clenching down tightly around the fat length of cock. "Ooh, keep it down there, girl," he encouraged, "And look at me. Let me see those pretty eyes."

Art by lazzydragon

Lily's finger curled against her clit rapidly, meeting the pace of Grizzwald in her throat. She needed to breathe, though.

As if reading her mind, the grip on her hair was released, and Lily jerked her head back to catch her breath. The bear's wet cock landed on her breasts, leaving a wet trail of precum and saliva over them.

Grizzwald grabbed his cock and tapped her on the cheek with it to get her attention, "One more time. And this time I want you to get off for me."

Lily blushed. Her heart was pounding as he guided his throbbing flesh to her open mouth. Her lust took control, stuffing her mouth and throat again without saying a word. Her thighs tensed as she returned to playing with her clit, and Grizzwald fucked her tight little throat with both of his hands behind her head. Lily suddenly trembled and her muscles tensed up over and over in orgasm, her body writhing and trying to go limp at the same time. The seconds passed like minutes in an unending bliss.

All of a sudden, Grizzwald turned his head quickly to the sound of the front door opening again. The white mouse that he was meeting stood there in the doorway, staring back at him. The mouse swallowed, then cleared his throat, "Uh, hey."

Without skipping a beat, Grizzwald asserted his dominance, "Hey, boy. You have two minutes to be on your bed and ready for me."

Nobody moved. The mouse was stuck staring at his roommate, his cock hardening on the spot at the sight of her throating Grizzwald's fat cock. The room was silent, except for Lily, who voiced a short deep groan on Grizzwald's cock.

Grizzwald pointed to his bedroom, "Now."

"Yes sir!" The mouse trotted past the pair, trying to hide the bulge in his jeans as he disappeared around the corner.

With the mouse out of sight, Grizzwald finally released Lily, yanking on her hair and pulling her head back. His cock was slick with her saliva, strands connecting to her lips. Her mouth was agape as she gasped for air. Grizzwald leaned in, pushed her jaw closed, and wrapped his lips around hers. Their tongues danced as they made out. Lily tried to control her breathing, making the kisses both passionate and intense.

The kiss was finally broken, and he stood up, finally letting her bask in her afterglow, "We'll continue this another time."

The bunny looked up at him with confusion, "Yeah... um..."

"My number's on my card." Grizzwald said as he headed to the mouse's bedroom.

"Great, thanks!" Lily smiled, feeling a rush of happiness.

Alone in the living room of her dorm, she played with Grizzwald's business card. She glanced over to her computer tucked into the corner of the room, then back to the card.

"That was the best business contact I've ever made."

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